Multiple Google Chome Profiles on OSX

Here's how to run multiple copies of Google Chrome on one machine, each with their own profile AND their own icon.

  1. Install Google Chrome.
  2. extract into your Applications directory
  3. rename Google Chrome Shadow to the name you wish your app to have (e.g. Facebook or Work Chrome)
  4. in finder right click on your new app and 'Get Info'
  5. right click on another app you want to steal the icon from and 'Get Info'
  6. select the icon at the top left of the get info window of the app you are using the icon from and cmd-c
  7. select the icon in your new app's get info window and cmd-v
  8. drag the app to your dock
and repeat for as many apps as you want.

When you need to update google chrome, it would be prudent to kill all your chromes and only update from the 'real' chrome.

If you need inspiration for icons to use you might like this Chrome Z-Edition.or the attached facebook icons file. or the neat-o blue Chromium Icon.
You can read more about the user data directory option for chrome.
I didn't do all this hard work myself but this is a summary of how to get it working, Thanks Mike!

Daniel Aden came up with this solution and posted about it on Google+ I've copied his instructions here:

The way I did it fixes the icon problem in the app switcher and bar at the bottom. But I just found a very large drawback, the auto updater thinks that your version of chrome is always up to date and I haven't figured out how to fix that yet. If you try it and can figure it out let me know!

Similar steps to WTWF but instead of creating a shadow copy, I create an full copy of the chrome app bundle and inject my own script.

- Create the directory for your new profile.

mkdir -p "/Users/$USER/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/ChromePersonal"

- Copy Chrome to a new app bundle and rename something like Google Chrome (personal)

cp -r "/Applications/Google" "/Applications/Google Chrome (personal).app"

- cd /Applications/Google Chrome (personal).app/Contents/MacOS/

- mv 'Google Chrome' gc

- Create an executable script called 'Goolge Chrome' in that folder that looks like this:


GOOGLE_CHROME="/Applications/Google Chrome (personal).app/Contents/MacOS/gc"
USER_DIR="/Users/$USER/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/ChromePersonal"

--enable-udd-profiles \
--user-data-dir="$USER_DIR" > /dev/null 2>&1 &
Fixup the icons as per WTWF. Done!

Here are some of my favorite icons:

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Oct 21, 2010, 2:26 PM
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