Welcome to the WTS NJSLA Parent Resource Site. The amount of information pertaining to New Jersey’s new statewide assessment known as the NJSLA (New Jersey Student Learning Assessment) can be overwhelming. WTS has created this site to bring important information items directly to you, our students’ parents and guardians.


In the spring of 2019, NJ students in grades 3-8 will be administered the New Jersey Student Learning Assessment in English language arts (ELA), and Mathematics (MAT). This computerized series of assessments will be in lieu of the New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJASK) for ELA (English/Language Arts) and mathematics. However, students in grades 5 and 8 will continue to take the New Jersey Student Learning Assessment - Science (later this spring) in accordance with State Department of Education guidelines.  Both of these science assessments will be computerized like the NJSLA.


The calendar for the administration of these assessments can be accessed from the Assessment Calendar tab located atop this page. This calendar adheres to the testing windows established by the New Jersey Department of Education. 


The NJSLA is designed to measure the extent to which students have mastered the New Jersey Student Learning StandardsSince that time the developers have sought out feedback from educators and used the feedback to improve the assessment.  One key improvement was to shorten the overall testing time and condensing to a single testing window. 


The links at the top of this page (HOMEPARENTSASSESSMENT CALENDAR, TEST LENGTHS and PRACTICE) will provide you with information and help answer any questions you may have. As always, feel free to contact your child’s principal (or assistant principal) Dr. Battitori, or Mr. Mohre should you need additional information.