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Readsboro Central School will help students to develop 21st-century skills by offering a differentiated, challenging, and effective curriculum, including a wide range of academic, cultural, and physical activities.  We will create a caring, safe, and supportive environment fostered by positive relationships between students and staff, as well as communication and interaction with parents and community members.


Readsboro will have a 2-hour delay today, 1/17/18

Update to Lunch menu for the week of 1/8/18! Due to the weather and the food delivery delays, the following will be the menu for this week:
Monday - Pizza
Tuesday - Vermonster
Wednesday - Salad Bar
Thursday - Grinder Bar
Friday - Chicken Flatbread

Readsboro School Update

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Word of the Day

We are a small school located in beautiful southern Vermont. Our school boasts small class sizes that allow the teachers to deliver individualized instruction to their students. The warm, friendly environment of Readsboro, Vermont pervades the school and is demonstrated wonderfully by our students.

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