Technology PD

The primary purpose of this website is to serve as a hub for resources, with both links to outside supports and originally produced resources 
(video tutorials, etc.) curated by your workshop leaders. WSWSU teachers are encouraged to use these resources to support technology integration in their classroom and communication practices. WSWSU parents and community are also invited to use these resources.

To earn your PD hours for 9-16, 
you will share evidence of your proficiency with Google Apps, and your progress today, on Google Forms, which are 
linked from your Doc Workspace.

Please access the aforementioned Google Doc entitled, 
"Technology PD Doc Workspace 9-16" and follow the directions you find there. 
Your copy of the doc will be your workspace for our session today. 
It will be saved in your Google Drive.
This site will serve as a resource for subsequent technology integration PD opportunities around using Google Apps throughout the year.

Click an icon to access curated resources for each App:

Drive Resources                        

      G-Classroom Resources