PowerSchool Course Request Instructions for Grades 10-12 WSHS 2016-2017

PowerSchool Course Request Instructions for Grades 9-12

You must enter your requests no later than March 2, 2016.  Please keep in mind school break falls over much of this time.  If you encounter difficulties, please email your guidance counselor directly (their last name @wsps.org) and the counselor will respond after school break.  

When you are ready to enter your course requests online, go to the following website:

http://powerschool.wsps.org:42505/public/  This directs you to the PowerSchool public portal link.

* At the log in screen, enter your UserID and Password.  (If you have problems logging into the PowerSchoolPortal, please contact the high school’s Guidance Dept at 263-3478). Click the Class registration icon in the left column.  This Class Registration Icon will appear from late Friday afternoon, February 12, 2016 until  Wednesday evening, March 2, 2016.  k.  

  • please read the greeting at the top of each page.

* To start your course selection, click the pencil icon.  You will find menus for each subject area and directions in the light blue shaded box with regard to choices.  Select the appropriate course in each box.  If your course choice does not appear, please discuss this with your guidance counselor.

  •   You will also notice course recommendations for core classes have been recorded by your current teachers.  please consider these documented recommendations when choosing classes for next year.

  •  Please note, students taking College or honors Chemistry must choose the corresponding lab and full year PE/H when prompted.

  • Click “okay” after each selection.

* When you have recorded your choices for each course, click the SUBMIT.button, located at the bottom of the page.  Please keep in mind that the system times out after about 30 minutes of activity.  Your selections will not be recorded if you are timed out.  you will have to begin again.

  • If you attempt to submit without the required number of credits or courses, you will be prompted to fix the issue.

  • Once you have successfully completed course registration, you will be sent to a screen with the complete list of your choices, as well as two alternate choices, making a total of 40 credits.  This screen indicates you have completed your task and should log out.

* Scheduled meetings with Guidance Counselors will begin on Thursday March 4 and continue through mid April.  A maximum of 3 passes will be sent to each student.  If a student does not report at the requested time, a counselor generated schedule will be issued.

* Students with particular scheduling needs such as our Collaborative, ELL and special education students will craft their schedules directly with their counselor.

Click to view a video link presentation of PowerSchool Course Requests