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Donate to our Makerspace!

Dear WSMS Families,

I'm proud to share that WSMS is currently working to include a makerspace in our library.  It's our hope to be up and running for students and teachers to use this space at the start of the 2017-2018 school year.  

A makerspace is simply a space devoted to science, technology, engineering, arts, and math projects, trials, and contests where students can build, collaborate, and create various projects.  Here are two links that help explain what a makerspace is!

We're currently reconfiguring our library and with the help of our 3 computer/technology classes and Science Department, we have some impressive big ticket items to use (a 3D printer, makey-makey, and computer based engineering and design programs).  What we'd love to add are some everyday household supplies to supplement those materials.  

So, we're putting out the call for donations!  Please see the list of items below and keep the donations coming throughout the next school year!  If you're able to donate any of these items, please stop by WSMS any Monday-Friday between 7-3.  We'll display some of the work throughout the building for you to see as you stop in.  Thank you for supporting this great resource.  Don't hesitate to contact me at or our Librarian, Mrs. LaFlamme, at with questions about this great new addition to our Library!


Peter Gillen

Here is an updated list of needed items: 

Paper from Michael’s for Cricut machine                     

plastic cart for glue station/ Cricut

Pipe cleaners

duct tape


Tissue paper                                                                  


Glue sticks (low temp)          

Elmer’s glue

Cardboard cutters

tacky glue

Paper clips                                                                  


Clean Nylon foam (like pool noodles)

These items are consistent needs for WSMS:

Rolls of string
Duct tape-any color
Posicle sticks
Larger craft sticks
Aluminum foil
Paper plates
Small paper cups
Nuts & bolts 
Foam boards
Cardboard, flattened
Dental floss
Hole punchers (single hole)
Legos (including base plates)
Egg cartons
Coffee cans
Baby food jars
Any plastic containers with lids
Empty cylinder containers from oatmeal, Pringles etc.
Assorted craft kits

Very helpful specific items:

Magnetic Tangrams/Tangoes
Snap Circuits

*Please no loose styrofoam!