PBIS is an integral part of our learning community.

It's tenant is simply teaching student expectations, reinforcing those expectations, and tracking data to see how we're doing.

Our expectations are to follow the B.A.R.K.
    Be Responsible
    Achieve Excellence
    Respect Self, Others, and Property
    Keep Safe

We have B.A.R.K. expectations for classrooms, hallways, auditorium, cafeteria, and bus settings.

We reinforce those expectations with B.A.R.K. Bucks.  B.A.R.K Bucks are redeemed at our school store, via raffles, and for entry into school wide events.  B.A.R.K. Bucks are our school wide currency.

Our success rate is tremendous!  Over 97% of our student body have 0-1 referral to the office annually.  Less than 2% of our student body is referred to the office 6 or more times annually.  We currently rate in the top 20% of schools nation-wide in lowest average daily referrals!!