West Springfield High School - 2017

425 Piper Road
West Springfield, Massachusetts

Welcome to our Summer Reading portal. Within these pages are all the summer reading assignments for 2017. On the left you will find a link to the grade or course you are entering in September. Posted within the grade link, your reading assignment and related activities will appear. Pay close attention to the details of the assignments, and complete them precisely according to the directions.

As you know summer reading is a tradition for most high schools across the United States.  This year, you too, will have a summer reading assignment. For all of our honors and advanced placement courses, summer reading is required.  For all college preparatory courses, summer reading is optional. 

Summer reading is a way for you to keep your brain "fit'" and it has been stated that the more a person reads, the better they read.  Overall, we encourage you to take advantage of the reading options available, and, hopefully, find a little enjoyment while reading.  

All students and parents should consult the summer reading Assignment Rules page to get an overview of the readings and assignments. Contact information is included at the bottom of the assignment pages, should you have questions over the summer.


Paula-Ann Gilmartin
English Department Chair
ELA Coach