West Springfield Elementary Schools
Suggested Summer Reading Activities
Grades 3 - 5
June 2017
  • Summarize one of your fiction books by creating a picture or cartoon strip.
  • Write a paragraph about what you think the authors purpose was for writing the book.
  • Pretend you are one of the characters in the story and create a diary or journal. Write at least five¬†entries that might have been written by that character.
  • Record yourself reading a book and replay it so that you can listen to yourself read. Repeat this activity so that you can listen to yourself improve.
  • Choose a character in your book, and name one thing you admire about that character. Write to tell why you admire him or her.
  • Divide a paper into thirds and label the sections "Beginning", "Middle", and "End". Write at least one sentence for each part of the story.
  • Create a bookmark or book jacket illustrating a scene from the book using your own artwork. Be sure to put the title and author on your work.
  • If you read a non-fiction book, write five facts you learned from your reading.
  • If you read historical fiction, tell or write about three things that were different in this book from life today.
  • Write a recommendation for a book to share with a friend. Tell about the characters, the problem in the story, or some interesting information. Don't give away the ending!