Suggested Activities K-2

West Springfield Elementary Schools
Suggested Summer Reading Activities
Grades K – 2
June 2017
  • Draw a picture of your favorite (or most exciting, surprising, interesting, confusing) part of the story. Then, dictate or write a sentence or sentences explaining the picture.
  • Fold a paper into thirds and label the sections “Beginning, Middle and End”. Draw a picture in each section. Students and/or parents can write about each section.
  • Stop in the middle of a book and predict what the ending of the story will be. Draw a picture of your prediction and dictate or write sentences explaining your prediction.
  • Dictate or write how the story reminds you of a situation or event in your own life.
  • Draw a picture of one of the characters in the story. Dictate or write a description of that character or make a talking bubble and have the character describe him/herself.
  • Make puppets from paper bags or popsicle sticks to act out the story.
  • Come up with a different ending for the story and write it.
  • Find a new or interesting vocabulary word. Use it in a sentence. Keep a log of the new words you learned this summer while you read. Share your log with your teacher.
  • Write a recommendation for a book to share with a friend. Tell about the characters, the problem in the story, or some interesting information. Don’t give away the ending!
  • Make a connection between the story you read and any other story/stories you’ve read or heard. Tell or write how they are similar.