Suggested Summer Reading Lists

Grades K – 5

June 2017

Dear West Springfield Parents and Guardians,

Reading is an important part of everyday life. Just because it is summer, students should not put their books away! The more our students read, the better readers they will be.

We encourage you to visit the West Springfield Public Library this summer and participate in the many activities offered, especially the summer reading program, “Build a Better World”. The librarians look forward to helping you and your children select books that will be just right for them to read.

Students should feel free to select books that they can read with ease. Use the attached list for suggestions only. It is most important that students are reading books and magazines that they enjoy.

Remember, no matter how old your children are, everyone loves to be read to!

We hope you and your family will read many stories this summer and reap all of the wonderful benefits that reading has to offer!