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Grade 10 Assignment

ELA Grade 10 Summer Reading (College Preparatory and Honors) 2014

Summer Reading for year 2014

Greetings!  As you know summer reading is a tradition for most high schools across the United States.  This year, you too, will have a mandatory summer reading assignment. Summer reading is a way for you to keep your brain "fit'" and it has been stated that the more a person reads, the better they read.  Overall, we encourage you to take advantage of the reading options available, and, hopefully, find a little enjoyment while reading.  

Step 1: Choose a Book (with a direct link for purchase available)

Front Cover
To Purchase this book:

To Purchase this book:Jack Gantos Hole in My Life

 To Purchase this book:

To Purchase this book:

Step 2:   Read your chosen book and complete the provided reading guide. 

This reading guide is a simple way to remember what you read.  Each time you have completed time spent reading, simply mark the page you started your reading  and the last page of your reading.  In the space provided, write a summary of what you read during those pages. If you have questions, or something seems confusing, make a note and ask the teacher for clarification upon your return to class in the fall.  If you choose not to complete this activity, there will be no penalty.  You can find the attachment for this guide at the bottom of this webpage.

Step 3:  The Return to School: 

When you return to school, you will participate in activities to help you understand your chosen text on a deeper level.  We will think about the qualities of the character(s), the conflict, and the setting.

Step 4:  Presenting a Project: 

This part of the summer reading assignment will be a project for small groups to complete. All groups will be formed premised upon which summer reading book was chosen.  There will be a variety of projects to choose from and class time will be provided to complete required work.  A rubric will be shared at the time the projects are discussed.


If you have any concerns about  summer reading, feel free to contact any of the tenth grade English teachers via email.

Ms. Paula Gilmartin: 

Ms. Corduff:

Mr. Weber:

Mrs. DeCaro:

Ms. Samuels:


Good Luck!



Paula Gilmartin,
Jun 4, 2014, 12:13 PM