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The following procedures are established to ensure that a citizen’s complaint is given respectful attention and that the integrity of the educational program is upheld. Complaints about school personnel will be investigated fully and fairly. However, before any such complaint is investigated, the complainant must submit his/her complaint in writing. Anonymous complaints will be disregarded.
Whenever a complaint is made directly to the School Committee as a whole or to a School Committee member as an individual, it will be referred to the school administration for study and possible solution. Unless as stated otherwise in a collective bargaining agreement, an employee who is the object of a complaint be informed promptly and be afforded the opportunity to present the facts as he/she sees them.
If a complaint comes first to the person against whom it is directed, he/she will listen courteously and may try to resolve the difficulty by explaining the background and educational purpose involved. If the complaint remains unsatisfied, the employee will refer him/her to the building Principal or other immediate supervisor to have his/her views considered further. Whether the complaint terminates with the individual staff member involved or seems likely to go further, the staff member should inform his/her supervisor of the complaint.
If a complaint comes first to the Principal or other supervisor of the person criticized, he/she should listen courteously or acknowledge a letter promptly and politely, but should make no commitments, admissions of guilt, or threats. If the complaint involves a particular employee, the supervisor should suggest a conference between the complainant and the person criticized and should inform that person
immediately of the complaint.
If a complaint comes first to any other school employee, that employee will refer the complainant to the person criticized or his/her immediate supervisor and should inform both.
Should dissatisfaction remain after the above steps have been taken, the administration, the person who made the complaint, or the employee involved may request an executive session of the School Committee for a formal hearing and decision. Statutory restrictions on executive sessions will be observed. The decision of the School Committee will be communicated in writing to all interested
LEGAL REF.:         603 CMR 26.09 and 26.10

West Springfield Public Schools