File: IJJ-R


An electronic format of a school and district textbook inventory shall be developed. Each principal shall be responsible for the development and implementation of the textbook procedure that includes an Annual Textbook Inventory.


The Principal shall submit a completed Textbook Adoption Form, and a copy of the textbook to the Director of Curriculum who shall present the textbook proposal to the District Textbook Review Team.

This team shall be comprised of elementary, middle and high school principals or designees, a member of the School Committee’s Curriculum Subcommittee and the Director of Curriculum who shall facilitate the meeting. Students and parents shall be encouraged to serve on this textbook team. The District Textbook Review Team shall meet at least twice a year, once in the spring to make a determination for the following fiscal year; and once in the fall for recommendations to the budget subcommittee.


For small scale textbook adoption for a specific course or program, the principal should:

  • Establish an on-site textbook review process;
  • Submit a completed Textbook Adoption Form to the Director of Curriculum who shall present the textbook proposal to the Superintendent of Schools.


Principles that apply generally to the selection of instructional materials and library materials shall apply to textbooks. Textbooks and textbook support materials shall be chosen to:

  • align with the MA Curriculum Framework Guidelines for selection of instructional texts and materials;
  • advance the educational goals and objectives of the school district and particular objectives of the course program;
  • contribute toward on-going continuity, integration and result from articulation of curriculum in curriculum mapping; and
  • serve as one educational resource among many that may be used in the effective delivery of curriculum to most impact improvement in student achievement.

Although many points must be examined in the textbook selection and adoption process, the School Committee directs the staff to the following considerations:

  • differentiation and needs of all learners’;
  • attention to gender depicted in the materials;
  • expansion of teaching and learning beyond the scope of the textbook to a wide variety of other materials and educational experiences;
  • sensitivity of the textbook in dealing with problems and issues of our times and encouragement of varied points of view;
  • special attention given to the physical characteristics, durability, format and price.


In an effort to support teachers in the effective use and implementation of newly adopted textbooks withstudents, the principal or designee shall notify the Director of Curriculum of any planned professional development or study groups that support this process.


An evaluation process that identifies successful use and implementation of newly adopted textbooks with students is an integral part of effective curriculum development and school improvement planning. Responsibility for successful implementation and regular classroom use of newly adopted textbooks shall rest with the principal of each school. The principal in collaboration with the respective teachers designated to use the textbook shall, by the end of the school year, evaluate the use of the newly adopted textbook as an effective instructional classroom resource for students. The Director of Curriculum shall,in collaboration with the Administrative Council, develop the New Textbook Evaluation Tool.

Created: February 12, 2007
Curriculum Subcommittee Review: February 26, 2007
Policy Subcommittee Review: April 2, 2007
S.C. Approval: April 10, 2007
West Springfield Public Schools