File: IHBG-R1



The West Springfield School Committee accepts the fundamental responsibility for the education of pupils in its jurisdiction pursuant to Massachusetts State Laws, particularly Chapter 76 S1 and Chapter 71 S1, S2, S3 and S37 governing school attendance, curriculum, instruction, physical education, and the powers/duties of the School Committee.

It is the policy of the School Committee that alternative education (home schooling) may be provided as determined by statute, and specifically in regard to home schooling, the below stated criteria will be adhered to in consideration of all requests and administrative guidelines.


1.      Parent(s)/Guardian(s) must obtain approval prior to removing the children from the public school and beginning the home education program.

2.      The Superintendent or his/her designee must provide the parent(s)/guardian(s) with an opportunity to explain their proposed plan and present witnesses on their behalf.  A hearing with the superintendent or the school committee is sufficient to meet this requirement.

3.      In obtaining approval from the Superintendent or his/her designee, the parent(s)/guardian(s) must demonstrate that the home education proposal meets the requirements of General Laws Chapter 76, Section I, in that the instruction will equal "in thoroughness and efficiency, and in the progress made therein, that in the public schools in the same town."

4.      If the home education plan is rejected, the Superintendent or his/her designee must detail the reasons for the decision, and allow the parent(s)/guardian(s) to revise their proposal to remedy its inadequacies.  If they begin the home education program without the necessary approval, the Superintendent or his/her designee may initiate a truancy proceeding or a care and protection petition, in which it would have to show that the instruction in the home does not meet the statutory standard for thoroughness, efficiency and educational progress.

Petition for home instruction shall be made to the Superintendent or his/her designee by filling out the Home School Application (File: IHBG-E) and must include the following:

1.      A curriculum outline consistent with state law and approximately equivalent to the local system in areas such as reading, math, science, language arts, etc.

2.      A list of instructional materials (e.g. texts) to be used.

3.      A statement of qualifications of the instructors, including the academic background and related experiences of the individuals.

4.      An evaluation procedure to assess pupil progress and maintenance of a pupil record.

All guidelines to be followed include:

**1.   Plans must be submitted annually prior to the start of the beginning of the next school year.

**2. The district suggests that the annual plan be submitted to the Home School Liaison by April 1st.


(July 27, 2015/updated September 3, 2015/updated October 13, 2015**)