File: GBL-R


The following statement of policy applies to access to and dissemination of information obtained from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Criminal History Systems Board in conjunction with the West Springfield School Committee’s grant of access to Criminal Offender Record Information pursuant to M.G.L. c. 6, section 172(c). Criminal Offender Record Information shall be defined as records and data obtained from the Criminal History Systems Board pursuant to a valid written request on the appropriate form by the Superintendent and/or Assistant Superintendent of Personnel which concerns an identifiable individual and relates to the nature or disposition of a criminal charge.

Recognizing the confidential and sensitive nature of the information involved, only the Superintendent and/or the Assistant Superintendent of Personnel, and their confidential secretaries shall have access to such data and only to the extent such information is needed for the performance of their duties. Requests for data are authorized only under the following circumstances: in appointment of an otherwise qualified applicant as final consideration in the selection process and in making decisions and recommendations for retention of current employees and the hiring of additional employees. Administration will request CORJ data on all new candidates being hired or who volunteer, whether full time or part time.

Requests for data will be made on the appropriate form in writing to the Criminal History Systems Board. Any prospective or current employee will be required to sign a form acknowledging request of such information and will be advised in advance that a record check will be done.

Any such information gained will be treated in a confidential manner and retained in secured files with access only by the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent of Personnel and their confidential  secretaries.

For the purpose of securing CORI information regarding a prospective employee, such information will be sought only after it has been determined that the applicant is otherwise qualified to do the job and will be the recommended candidate for the job.

The Superintendent will appoint only after CORI information has been obtained or under limited circumstances, the appointment will be contingent upon receipt of appropriate CORI information.

A sealed record notice will be maintained on all employment applications. All requests for Criminal Offender Record Information will be made consistent with the provisions of M.G.L. c. 151B, Section 4(9).

LEGAL REFS.:     M.G.L. c. 6, Section 172(c); 15lB, Section 4(9).