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The West Springfield Public School District is committed to providing the best resources necessary for our children with the highest quality education possible. We maintain a shared vision and appreciation of a  community of life-long learners, an educational environment of excellence, and a positive school climate that supports and inspires our children to reach their highest potential. Our district, in collaboration with the community, has embarked on a journey of new understandings of achievement, possibility, community relations, and student-centered, quality instruction. Together we support an environment founded upon trust, integrity, fairness, open communication, and the belief that all individuals can learn and are productive, responsible citizens. We seek to foster a learning organization with high levels of collaboration, student engagement, and professional development. 

The West Springfield Public School District and the West Springfield community, in a shared process of envisioning and strategic planning seek to lift our school organization in providing the highest levels of quality education that result in the highest achievement for our children. Success entails a safe, comfortable, educational environment, academic rigor, healthy, positive interaction among peers and citizens within the community, with knowledgeable instructors and administrators who are current in effective educational practices. By energizing the community in a shared process of envisioning and strategic planning, we give life to our educational organization and create positive systemic change that results in success.

Adopted:  MASC[1/11/05]
Review, updated and first reading:  March 25, 2013 [Policy Subcommittee]
Second reading and approval:  April 23, 2013