We're beginning a stellar 2015 garden harvest season.  

Each class, from kindergarten through fifth grade, got out to the garden at least once a week during the last weeks of spring.

Now it's harvest time!

Fifth Graders with their harvest of potatoes that they planted last spring.

Our school and community garden has served a number of functions over the years: as an outdoor learning environment, as a means for students to gain a better grasp of where their food comes from - other than the supermarket - and a resource to share with our community.

Over the past couple of years we have turned our attention to transitioning our garden to a more purposeful, crop-based learning site.  We'll still keep our raised bed sections for individual classroom use, but will be tilling a large portion of the garden with an eye toward raising crops that we can then utilize in our school kitchen.  Much thought has gone into this, and our garden committee is excited to begin implementing some of their plans during the coming season.  This is exciting, and we're more than pleased to have the opportunity to integrate our school garden into the fabric of our daily lives here at PCS.

Some photos from last year's garden work.

Discussing the finer points of onion planting.

                                                        Prepping the soil for planting.

Fifth grade students took measurements with iPad light meters,
as we worked to determine the best site for the first PCS cold frame.
We've got two cold frames now?  Anyone for some winter kale?



         A selection of beans, planted and harvested by 4th and 5th graders. 
                Soon, we'll harvest this year's bean crop.