Four Winds is a volunteer program which works with classroom teachers to provide educational opportunities related to the natural world. 

We have a strong group of current volunteers. Each classroom, (K-5) has a team of 2 or 3 volunteers who are  trained in this month's topic to engage students in inquiry-based natural science. Our volunteer group for this year is a nice combination of current parents and retired community members who, as you said, "get kids". They are retired librarians, pediatricians, and many of them eat lunch with the students during the Putney Cares lunches. We are: Ariane Lavoie (pre-K parent), Meghan Houlihan (K, 4, 5 grade parent), Rhonda Zoch (6 grade parent), Laura Chapman (2nd grade parent), Autumn Blais (3rd and 6th grade parent), Alex Schaal (3rd and 6th grade parent), and myself (2nd and 4th).  Plus, Louise Garfield, Jane Katz Field, Susan Hessey, Wendy Wilson, and Ramona Lawrence from the community. Feel free to stop into one of our workshops. We meet the first Friday morning of every month in the Y Aspire room.

The Four Winds Nature Program brings parents and community members into the school and gets children outside to learn. How wonderful for children to explore natural science in every season right out the classroom door! It’s rigorous science learning, and it’s fun. These Nature Program lessons support the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and the Common Core. Please find an explanation of the alignment attached to this email. I also attached a description of what we be studying each month and an example of the Teacher Resources Page we provide to all teachers for each unit.

Emily Pals, PCS parent and board member, is our school’s Four Winds Nature Program coordinator, I welcome your input and greatly appreciate your support. Feel free to email Emily at if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions for this program. Thank you!