Just in time for Winter

A new selection of six cards, featuring six different PCS students' art.  They are packaged one each design on a blank card with six envelopes in a packet for $10.00 and are available in the office.

Teta Hilsdon's Stoneware Pottery Mugs - Available Again!!

September 12 update:  
Alas, all of the mugs have been sold to a lucky group of 25 people.  Thank you for your support.

June 11 update: Going, Going......
Please contact Pat Mousel at
 patmousel@yahoo.com or calling 387-4025 
for availability.

Did you miss out on getting the first Teta Hilsdon Stoneware Pottery mug about 20 years ago?  They were offered as part of the fundraising efforts for the (then) brand new playground.  The photo is of the original mug.  This year the Endowment Board is pleased to be able to offer a 2012 version, ready to be glazed and fired by Teta.  The new limited edition (only 25 are being made) will be larger and more rounded in shape but with the same transparent blue glaze and same lettering style.  Teta Hilsdon is a well-known  Brattleboro artist whose son, Joshua Meserve Hilsdon, was a PCS student.  We are privileged to be able to offer these beautiful mugs again and when they are gone, they are gone. 
    Funds raised by this sale go directly to the Endowment fund for the purpose of funding special enrichment classes and services to the children of Putney Central.  Reserve your mug now by emailing patmousel@yahoo.com or calling 387-4025.  The mugs are priced at $35.00 and will be available for pick up after June 1.  Checks should be made out to the PCS Endowment Fund.

 The Putney Central School Endowment, Inc.  was established in 2008 for charitable educational purposes, and provides innovative academic and after school enrichment programs for the students of Putney Central.  The Endowment's gifts are intended to enhance and supplement the education and resources offered to the students of Putney Central.
    Putney Central takes pride in the rigorous academics, arts, music, physical education, special education and counseling offered in small classes by an impressive faculty.
    Among the school's resources are a 176 acre forest with an extensive network of trails, Japanese and vegetable gardens, Asian Studies program, health and wellness program, and a variety of arts opportunities.
    However, it is a challenge  to provide comprehensive educational and enrichment programs that are within the scope of our annual, taxpayer - supported budget and still provide varied and innovative educational opportunities for all the children of Putney.
    Please consider investing in Putney's youth by supporting the endowment with gifts of cash, stocks, products, or time.  Your gift of community education support will help make Putney proud of the youth they are raising for many generations to come.
    Thank you!

The Putney Central School endowment, inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.  Putney Central School Endowment, Inc.
new set of cards from PCS students

Annual Grantees

The 2012-2013 School Year Grantees

This is the third year that the Endowment has offered mini grants of up to $500 to fund innovative academic and/or after school enrichment programs for the PCS student body. We are pleased to announce the names of the two grantees for this coming school year, and greatly appreciate the efforts and time so generously given to the PCS students.

1. Arlene Scott
$240.00 for knitting classes again.
2. Nancy Gagnon and Bob Burch
$350.00 for five pairs of students' glassblowing instruction.

The 2011-2012 School Year Grantees

The PCS Endownment Inc. is pleased to announce the names of the three grantees for this coming school year, and greatly appreciates the efforts and time so generously given to the PCS students. 

1.Jack Millerick, PCS Athletic Director
  $200 toward new new PCS boys and girls basketball uniforms for the new school year:  number of students served - about 30
2. Nancy Gagnon and Bob Burch
  $210 towards individual glassblowing instruction: number of students served - about 6
3. Arlene Scott
   $100 toward after school beginning knitting classes in January and February 2012:  number of students served - about 6-8

Card Sets
Every year, the Endowment Board selects 6 pieces of PCS's students art work to be recreated onto cards which are sold as a set of 6 blank cards with envelopes for $10.00.  The cards are available in the PCS office.