PCS After School Services and Extended Day Programming

Putney Central School partners with Meeting Waters YMCA for the regional Y-ASPIRE after-school program. The program takes place right at PCS. It runs from the close of school until 6pm on all regular school days and all early-release days as well as for full days on in-service and parent-teacher conference days, all vacations and most holidays. 

Each day of Y-ASPIRE includes a healthy snack, physical activity, supported homework time and a group project centered around the monthly Y-ASPIRE theme (a few examples: Celebrating Diversity; Kindness & Justice; Our Natural World). The Y accepts the state’s Child Care Financial Assistance and has its own scholarship fund for those who need help with the program cost. Visit the website of the Meeting Waters YMCA for more information.

Y-Aspire Program Info

In addition, students eligible for free or reduced breakfast and lunch have a chance to participate in tutoring via our Supplemental Education Services program.  A complete list of outside service providers for the SES program can be accessed by clicking on the attachment link at the bottom of this page.  Please check in with principal Herve Pelletier for more information regarding this important program.  (Note: we anticipate that funding for SES tutoring will been sharply curtailed for '16/'17, but we will be taking up any slack through an in-house program here at PCS.)

For further information about our many extended day offerings, contact Robert Brooks at rbrooks@wsesu.org or Herve Pelletier at hpelletier@wsesu.org

Adrienne LaPierre,
Jan 7, 2016, 11:30 AM