Diversity Equity Committee

The Windham Southeast Supervisory Union Diversity Equity Committee is a group of committed educators who meet monthly to address issues of equity in our learning community. Its purpose is expressed as follows: It is our mission to foster learning environments in which all members of the school community are safe, feel valued and are appreciated. We promote policies and procedures for our District which value equity and diversity in our learning environments.

The committee ideally consists of at least one representative from each school in the Supervisory Union, administrators, school board members, and interested community members, including students and parents. It is self-governed by volunteer officers, under the direction of the Superintendent, who is a member of the committee in support of this work. 

Our action plan and minutes can be found here.

From left to right top: Miranda Saxe, Maresa Nielson, Karen Saunders, Mary Goodemote, Ron Stahley  Bottom: Cory Sorensen, Anne Koplinka-Loehr, Mikaela & Biko Simms, Mary Ross

Other Memebers: Andy Davis, Ashley Nadeau, Eileen Parks, Ellen Tumavicus, Jody Hauser, Carol Rayl