Weber High Driver Education

Driver Education is not built into your student’s 8 period schedule. Here are the steps to sign up.

1. Grab a packet from the front office.. (Orange cover sheet/white card stock)

Fill out top 1/3 of sheet.

Select course/month (Schedule can be found above or on the orange sheet)

2. Attach a copy of Learner Permit. Verify all numbers are visible (WHS office can make a copy too)

3. Turn into main office/bookkeeper with a check/card made out to Weber High for $130

Driver Education at WHS has three components

1. Theory- 27 Hours of instruction (see schedule Above).

Students must have an active permit. (See bottom of page for DLD resources)

6 Days in person, blended with online assignments.

Register and pay to the main office at WHS.

Fee is $130.00 and includes everything start to finish.

Seniors must be finished by graduation(last theory class-March to sign up for)

****PARENT NIGHT is required*** Can attend any night at WHS or other school as well

2. Range- Located just off of 500 W, north of the baseball field.

Students will be scheduled to drive on the range upon completion of theory.

Students will sign up in theory class to select a time that works for them

Typically classes run Monday-Thursday during the following hours

Summer-6-7:30 AM and 7:30-9 AM

School year 6-7:30 PM and 7:30-9 PM early mornings are also available

Before School 5:45-7:15 AM

Upon completion of range, students will be assigned a road instructor.

3 Road-Driving with an instructor.

After completion of theory and range, drivers will be assigned to an instructor.

Driving activities include: Canyon, Freeway, Highway, City, Residential, and a "test".

Students will drive for 3 hours, and observe other student drivers. (Students will not be alone with an instructor)

After passing the road test, student's information will be entered into the DLD database and cleared to receive their license when eligible. Students need to be 16 years old and have had their permit for 6 months.

Remember- Students will need to complete the 4 modules through the DLD and pass with 100% as well prior to picking up their license

With ever changing times please verify with the DLD on proper protocols to the process in working with them to obtain your license after everything is finished with WHS.

DLD.UTAH.GOV will provide information related to the Driver License Division.

The Driver Education Teachers look forward to helping you and your student receive a license.

Mr. Mark Larsen

Mr. Bart Caldwell

Mr. Trevor Ward

Mr. Daloy Harris (NOJH)

Mr. Bart Poll

Mr. Stuart Hales

Please use the Driver License Division (DLD) resources to obtain a permit/license.

Below is a solid study guide to help study for a permit. Please also see the handbook for full updated information

Permit Study Guide

Permit Study Guide.pdf