The purpose of this video is to teach the viewer something new, not to sway the viewer’s opinion or to inform the viewer. An instructional video uses any form of instruction or teaching in order for the viewer to learn a new skill or craft. Examples include: tutorials, teaching tools, and interactive games with assessment.


The purpose of an informational piece is to present a factual view of a topic or issue. Examples include: Documentaries, biographies, product reviews.


The purpose of the PSA is to present an idea, product, concept, organization or individual in a credible way, so as to change public opinion. Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are 30 to 60 second messages presenting a clear “call-to-action”.


The purpose of a story piece is to tell a story. This can be done through comedy, drama, or by telling a complete story through short film. Examples include: short film, comedies, dramas, pieces inspired by novels or short stories and student/family experiences.

Music Video

The purpose of a music video is to present a story or convey a message set to original or non-original music. Please see the bottom of the rules section for the policy on copyright.

News Package

The purpose of a news package is to present an original news story by a single individual reporting on a single story (though a reporter with a videographer is acceptable). A news package consists of interviews and a voice over with B-roll, and may include a stand-up from the reporter.


The purpose of a sports video is to present a sporting event, highlight features or sports news and information. This may be done in the style of Sports Center or ESPN or it may be a package or original news story about a sporting event or team.

Apr 30, 2016, 9:06 AM