Hello parents and visitors! Welcome to our class webpage for the 2016-2017 school year.  This is a place where you can view our class calendar, find fun activities relating to each area of development, and view pictures of our class time activities.

Weekly Focus 
Learning Goal:
 "We are learning to be a good friend."
                   Theme: Transportation

                    Curriculum Books: My Truck is Stuck 
                            Vocabulary Level 1: car    truck     airplane     boat     train     bike     wheels     key     road     going     stopping     flying     driving

                    Vocabulary Level 2:  chasing        helicopter        motorcycle        quiet        taxi        bridge        Spring        Summer        Winter        Fall        missed the bus
                                                            shopping        loading        dumping        delivery truck        city        country         noise

                     Language Concepts: up    down    around    out 

                    Letter: S s

                    Handwriting Focus: Curve Backward, Curve Forward (S)
                    Nursery Rhyme: Row Your Boat

                    Math Concept: Sorting & Comparing

                    Social Thinking: We are working on our social skills!  This week we read "Thinking with Our Eyes" to help us understand that our eyes are like arrows and 
                    when someone is looking at something, that means they are thinking of that object/person.  So, when a friend is having a conversation with another friend, 
                    we need to wait until they are done talking, get their attention, and wait for them to look at us before we start talking.  

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