Weekly Focus 
Learning Goal:
 "We are learning to be a good friend."
                   Theme: Space

                    Curriculum Books: I Want to be An Astronaut
                                                            Roaring Rockets
                            Vocabulary Level 1: sun     moon     stars     rocket     helmet     space suit     boots     alien     seat belt     moon     rocks     flying     floating     breathing     looking 
                                                            blast off     heavy     light     day     night

                    Vocabulary Level 2:  astronaut     space shuttle     earth     solar system     planet     satelite     crew     space station     spinning     around     gravity     outer space 
                                                            comet     telescope     orbiting     space walking     air tank     

                    Letter: U u

                    Handwriting Focus: Curve Down, Curve Up
                    Nursery Rhyme: Star Light, Star Bright

                    Math Concept: Counting Backwards from 10-1

                    Social Thinking: We are working on our social skills!  This week we read "Thinking with Our Eyes" to help us understand that our eyes are like arrows and 
                    when someone is looking at something, that means they are thinking of that object/person.  So, when a friend is having a conversation with another friend, 
                    we need to wait until they are done talking, get their attention, and wait for them to look at us before we start talking.  

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