Mrs. Dunn's Math 1 Class

Recommended Supplies:
Math I: Notebook, Binder, Dividers, Pencils, Erasers, Lined Paper, Graph Paper, Scientific Calculator (this is my preferred), colored pens and pencils, highlighters, glue, ruler.

Click on the link Online Textbook to access the online textbook.  
Type in the activation code and set up your account.

The code is 3490947 – 10. Be sure to fill in the first 7 digits in first box and last two digits in the last box.

Check out the assignments below. Stay up-to-date and please ask me for help if there is any confusion. 

Remember, all assignments are due the next meeting day. 


About The Classroom

Hopefully you will use this website to guide you and help you through the year.  I will be updating the webpage and adding assignments on a regular basis so keep checking back. Remember Math I  is the first  course to complete to keep you on track for college.  Sometimes it might feel like what we are doing is confusing, or it might be hard to find a connection to "real life."  I promise, if you stick with it and do your best to master the concepts, you will keep doors open in your future that might have otherwise been closed.  

Remember Paul Erdős,

 My Brain is open!

~ Mrs. Dunn

Math 1 Calendar