Business Solutions

WSA Inventory creates and develops tangible property inventory solutions

for small businesses and services providers such as law firms, accountants and other professionals. WSA inventory business solutions develops asset management plans for depreciable assets such as business and office furniture and equipment, as well as appreciable assets such as art collections and antiques.

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Business Inventory 

A detailed business inventory provides critical documentation that keeps a business prepared and protected.  Having a business property inventory not only plans for the unexpected, but minimizes exposure and aides with a faster and more streamlined claims and recovery process.

Be prepared for insurance claims.

Planning in advance and being prepared if a loss occurs to your business, greatly impacts the timing and settlement amount of your insurance claim.

  • A detailed list of losses is required for each insurance claim.
  • An existing business inventory of tangible property ensures the claim process can be initiated immediately after a loss.
  • A business inventory maximizes claims efficiency as it validates your proof of ownership.

Be prepared with a Business Continuity Plan.

A business inventory is a crucial component of asset management. A business inventory of tangible property will improve a company's opportunity of continuing operations through any type claims processes.

A business inventory including photos and video of tangible property and assets support the recovery phase with independent documentation of business assets.

Additional benefits of a Business Inventory:

  • Validates and expands the Statement of Assets.
  • Assists in optimizing insurance coverage.
  • Captures items that can be claimed as depreciable assets which are often missed on a capitalization or depreciation schedule.