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Kinderquote of the day:

  • A Kindergartener said:
    Each day I listen to the words spoken from the mouths of babes. Here's where I will share the incredibly profound things they say

    Kinderquote of the day September 1, 2016 Child brings me a science book at REST time and shows me a picture. "Mrs. Braun, this is a picture of the sun and this is Mars." She was accurate in her pointing. "I don't know if you know about the sun and Mars, but my daddy taught me that and he's a smart science teacher in the whole world." It was the proudest smile I saw her present all day. "He can teach you a lot about the sun and Mars too."

    Kinderquote of the day September 2, 2016 Mrs. Braun said: "I will read this for you because I know how to read." Child: "That's not my fault you're the biggest one in the room."

    Kinderquote of the Day September 6, 2016: One child says to another: "You have to be patient and you have to do it RIGHT NOW!"

    Kinderquote of the Day September 16th, 2016: Child: "Teacher, she said the 'f word' to me."
    Me: "Whisper it in my ear so I know what it is."
    Child whispers: "Fart."

    Kinderquote of the Day from two years ago... a re-share:
    Child: "Ms. Braun, why are you stuck in kindergarten? Will they ever let you out?"
    Me: After a laugh... "Well, I want to be here. I wanted to teach kindergarten."
    Child: "Did YOU go to kindergarten?"
    Me: "Yes. A really long time ago."
    Child: "Aren't you tired of it?"
    Me: "No... Kids like you keep it exciting. It is fun too. It helps to have a job you like."
    Me: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
    Child: "An ice cream man."
    Me: "Why?"
    Child: "Because ice cream is delicious. I like ice cream."
    Child adds: "I hope you don't want to be a teacher because kids are delicious."

    Kinderquote of the day September 20, 2016

    Me: "Okay. Now that your done using the bowl, I need you to wash it out."
    Child: "Why?"
    Me: "Because it's dirty and someone else needs to use it now and it should be clean."
    Child: "Oh, alright then. I'll clean it. You are da' boss."
    Me: Snicker.
    Posted Sep 26, 2016, 3:39 AM by Amy Braun
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Word of the Week

  • schadenfreude \SHAH-dn-froi-duh\ (noun) schadenfreude \SHAH-dn-froi-duh\ (noun)1. Enjoyment obtained from the troubles of othersExample Sentence:Despite herself, Jane felt a tingle of schadenfreude at her sister-in-law’s ...
    Posted Aug 29, 2016, 1:33 PM by Amy Braun
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Looking for:

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