"If we’re not willing to settle for junk living, we certainly shouldn’t settle for junk food".
 -Sally Edwards

Welcome to the Bethel Food Services Page and a little insight into how we want the kids and our community to embrace food.  

Food is our source of energy for the day, food is how we view ourselves and others, food is a form of communication, food creates our culture, food is what makes us who we are.  Because of these beliefs the employees of the Bethel Food Service strive to deliver fresh snacks and meals everyday that the kids will find attractive to eat, attractive to taste and are made of the freshest ingredients made available to us.

Our food service has embraced these changes since last spring:
  • Multiple hot breakfast meal offerings each day
  • Snack offering produced daily and following the Vermont Harvest of the Month Curriculum
  • Salad Bar and Soup Offering with every lunch served
  • Fresh roasted Turkey on our deli board
  • In House made Baked Sweet Potato Chips and pickles to accompany sandwiches
  • Increased purchases from local business's and farms
  • MealTime On line accounting system for ease of payment and understanding billing
  • Addition of Gluten Free Bread and wrap tortillas as an additional sandwich bread offerings
  • Complete Composting of Food in the cafeteria and kitchen, 
  • The incorporation of compostable and recyclable plates, cups and other service items
  • Increased options on our deli board - with cold weather we are now offering a daily hot sandwich from the deli side)
  • New Breakfast items  (omelettes, stuffed french toast,  pancakes and oatmeal bar)
  • Localvore dinner fundraiser and Music on November 9th ( a sold out show with 93 dinners served!!)
  • Entree offerings of Fish and Vegetarian items on our monthly menus
  • The Second Grade classes helped to make a Hanukkah Style Meal and Christmas Style Dinner

and we are not finished yet...
In coming months , you can look to see:
  • Additional new menu items added to our cycle menu at Lunch
  • The creation of TWO Jr Iron Chef Teams representing our middle school in state competition this spring
  • Farm Visits for our Students
  • Pre-made Same day Salad Offerings
  • More student involvement in the kitchen!!!

What can you do??? Well you can let me know how you feel about the food...atmosphere and direction of things. I will not make everyone happy with our food, but I can do my part to listen to your concerns, and correct what I think needs to be corrected or at least explain why we are doing what we do. So drop me a line, my contact information is below; I would love to hear from you!!