Your child’s class will be using the outdoors as their classroom this year to learn how to care for themselves, others and the environment. We will be spending a few hours every week with the class outside.  This time will enrich and support classroom learning and immerse students in the natural world. 


Students will explore standards-based themes that will include (depending on the grade level): animal adaptations, life cycles, ecosystems, rocks and soil, scientific method, physical geography, mapping, cultural diversity, Vermont history (including native Vermonters), Vermont geography, and citizenship.  This content will be presented through skill-based games, observing, journaling, building, drawing, and writing, tracking, and sharing stories.


May 2018
Spring is in full bloom!  We are experiencing nature fully and sharing our camp with many different insects, birds, and other critters!  The students are excited to hike and find different insects and plants that are growing.  Everyone is being very respectful of the new life that is growing and trying to survive in our forest camp!  Mud Kitchen and tool use have been top priorities for many students.  We have also been building nests and playing games that help children learn how different birds build their nests, protect them, and find food.  Remember to send your child to school with long pants, long sleeves, and boots on ECO days.  Even though it is warm on the field, it is breezy, buggy, and a bit muddy up at our ECO camp in the woods!  We are having a blast and we only have a few weeks left of ECO for the year!
Ms. Honey-Bee

April 2018
We were busy exploring the signs of spring in April.  Spring was slow to come, but once it got here nature started to bloom all over.  We did a lot of hiking and exploring the ground thawing and changing from ice to mud.  We also witnessed the progression of different insects waking up and hatching.  It was fascinating to play games and learn about different animals that were coming out of hibernation and migrating north.  
Ms. Honey-Bee

March is here and it has brought a lot of snow!  We also plan to see many signs of spring this month.  Between snow storms we have started to see the ice thaw and the water running!  The warmer temps make it really enjoyable to be out in the weather!  There are some new animal sounds and the tracks in the snow are amazing!  The students are so excited to be out.  Hopefully we will be able to have sugar on snow this month!
Ms. Honey-Bee

February 2018
We are busy building an igloo and exploring the Forest this Winter!  We have had a lot of great snow and the students are loving it!  It has been refreshing to be outside each week in the cool, crisp air.  We have been building fires and observing all kinds of birds!  When it is icy we haven't been out, but fortunately that has only happened a few times!  As Spring approaches we are witnessing all sorts of changes in nature!  I am so grateful that we are still able to go out in the Winter because it is such a magical time of year in Vermont!
Ms. Honey-Bee

January 2018
Welcome to Winter everyone!  We have been out in the forest sliding, making fires, writing and drawing with colored water, and experiencing the winter temperatures!  The students are so excited to be out there.  Thank you for sending warm socks and waterproof boots and gloves with them.  They collected enough sticks in the fall to build fires this winter.  It is a lot of fun being able to use the wood that you gathered and stacked yourself.  We have also been observing nature and talking about the differences from Fall to Winter with animal activity in the forest.  We have found many different types of tracks including fox, coyote, deer, rabbit, and squirrels.  Climbing up snowy hills has been a challenge, but it is building resilience in everyone.  We are also taking time while we are out in nature to be silent in our "sit spot" and really listen and observe nature.  This is helping students build a strong connection and love for our natural world!
Ms. Honey-Bee

September 2017
Welcome back to ECO everyone!  It has been beautiful on our ECO days.  We are in the forest and making our base camp again.  We have been gathering sticks to prepare for fire building, making forts, playing in the stream, and partaking in lots of learning activities!  Our students have chosen their animal names and through different games, they are learning a lot about Vermont animals, insects, birds, and reptiles.  If you would like to volunteer and help out please contact your child's teacher.  
Here's to a great year with your children!
Ms. Honeybee

October 2017
Happy Fall!  We are busy learning how to use tools in our Educating Children Outdoors Program.  Most of the students started by using peelers to peel sticks.  The students then used them to cook apples that they picked at an apple orchard.  Now they are learning how to drill a hole into a 'tree cookie' with a hand drill.  All of these skills are improving their self confidence and ability to focus.  Now that fall is here we will be making more fires and learning how to safely use fire for warmth, cooking, and light.
I would also like to introduce you to our teachers and their animal/plant names!  
In Kindergarten we have Mrs. Porcupine (Mrs. Boulanger), Ms. Bear (Ms. Young), and Mrs. Beatle (Mrs. Barber).
In 2nd grade we have Mrs. Raccoon (Mrs. Russ) and Mrs. Birch Bark (Mrs. Beaudoin).
And in the Preschool we have Mrs. Hawk (Mrs. Karen) and Mrs. Dragonfly (Mrs. Karol).
I am Ms. Honeybee (Ms. Purdy).  

November 2017
Hello ECO Families!   It is getting cold outside.  Please remember to send your child to school with warm boots, snow pants, gloves, coats, and hats.  Even if there is not snow, these winter clothes will help them stay toasty and warm.  We are starting to make fires more often and cook different healthy snacks.  We are also learning how to use the saw.  We will be using our tree cookies that they are cutting to make friendship ropes.  Stay tuned!  Many of the classes have been busy making rock paint and natural paint brushes.  They are also finishing up some of their science units.  The 2nd grade classes have been studying earth materials and living and non-living organisms.  Now we are beginning to learn about migration and hibernation and how to make a 2D map of their camp site using landmarks.  Ask your child about their VT animal and see how much they can tell you!
Thank you for all of your support! 
Ms. HoneyBee

December 2017
Happy Winter!  The snow is here!  We do go out into the Forest in the winter so please make sure your kids are prepared with warm winter gear!  It is so majestic in the forest now and students have noticed how much quieter it is.  There are less animal noises and appearances, but we still hear and see some.  The students are so excited to be out in the the forest in the snow, playing games, making habitats, and observing the differences in nature.  Being outside in winter helps people with their attitude, mood, and overall well being!  Having a regular period of time that is 2+ hours out in nature each week adds to their resilience and confidence.  Thanks for supporting our effort to allow your students time to learn outside more!
Ms. Honey-Bee