Second Graders 
2018 - 2019


Please check your child’s backpack for their folder every night.  It will have important information about classroom events, newsletters, permission slips, etc.. You can send in bus notes and other correspondence through this folder as well.  You need to send in written notes if you are picking your child up early from school or if they are taking a different bus home.  

Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack

Every child at WRVS gets free breakfast, lunch, and snack each day!  Students may to have breakfast when they arrive at 7:50 in the cafe.  We will have fresh fruit or vegetables every afternoon for snack. The school is peanut and tree nut free, so please be aware of this if you pack a lunch.  We have a water fountain in the classroom, but if your child chooses to bring in a water bottle please write their name on it.  If you’d like your child to have an extra drink, your family must have funds in your lunch account or bring in money.  You can even pay online with the Abbey Group through wrvschool.org.


We will celebrate everyone's birthday in the class!  Summer birthdays will be celebrated at the end of the year.  You may send in a special treat on your child’s birthday, or the closest weekday to their birthday. Please remember that we are peanut and tree nut free; that means nothing that's been processed in a facility or on equipment that processes nuts. Every food label includes allergen warnings written in bold after the ingredients.  If you choose to bring something in, you need to get approval from the school nurse, Teresa Kelly, 1 day in advance.  If it's going on the bus, the ingredients need to be listed for everyone to see.


The special schedule for the year in the front of your child’s folder so you (and your child) can easily access it.  If you’d rather post the schedule in your home, feel free to do so!  The special schedule is also easily accessible on our classroom website.


Reading is essential to students' success at school. Readers can only get better by reading. There will be a book sent home every day and your child is expected to read it.  You can also engage in your child’s reading by asking them questions about their books or reading challenge books together before bed.  Book talk is very important!  Reading will be assigned daily on weeknights and is recommended on weekends and vacations.  

Kindness is Cool

Kindness is Cool is a social and emotional learning initiative that I bring into my teaching.  Students learn how to demonstrate kindness through mentor texts and class discussions. By creating a classroom community centered around kindness, we are creating a safe space for all learners.  Ask your child about the following Kindness is Cool routines!

-100 Acts of Kindness

-Compliment Circles

-Thankful Circles

-Bucket Fillers


Parent Participation

If you have special interests or skills and would like to share them with our class or grade, please let me know!  If you'd like to volunteer in anyway, please let me know as well.  This could include spending time in or out of the classroom; reading aloud to students, helping with math games, having snack with your child, etc.


Please keep an extra set of clothing in your child's locker. It saves us time and saves your child from embarrassing moments after milk spills and wet rainy days on the playground!  

Be sure that your child comes prepared for the weather.  We will go outside whenever possible, even if it is a little wet or misty out!  Bring warm gear in the winter and always bring sneakers for recess and P.E.  Sneakers ensure safety on playground equipment.

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