This week in first grade...November 28-December 2

Reading: “Sneaky E doesn’t make a sound! At the end of words he hangs around. Sneaky E is on the prowl. He’s on the lookout for all the short vowels. He’s been known to sneak about. Stealing short vowels and making them shout!”…We all laughed at this silly poem and practiced just how that “sneaky” e can change a word: tub => tube and mad => made. In Fundations this week, we continued to practice our suffix -s and its two sounds. We also completed our monthly paragraph dictation. By the end of the year this dictation will reach 60 words!

Writing: This week the focus of our writing workshops shifted. We are now writing nonfiction, information stories. Students are working to write stories (sometimes one a day!) about something they consider themselves to be experts on…this is perfect for our class as they are experts on SO many things! It is wonderful to read their work and see the progress they are making with their story writing.

Math: Addition and subtraction games and story problems filled our math workshops this week. The students are great at figuring out story problems - from fruit to money to ducks, the stories are based on many subjects and include numbers as high as 25. Invent a few and try them at home this weekend!

Social Studies/Science: This week we began a new unit in science. Earth science and geology, near and dear to my heart as I majored in this subject in college, were an instant hit! We compared the interior of the earth to an avocado (crust, mantle, core), learned about the three types of rocks (igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic) and are even trying to grow our own crystals using various types of salt and hot water. Of course, we added food coloring and are growing the crystals in hollowed out eggs (think geodes) for added effect. What fun!