Play ~ Move ~ Have Fun!

While you're Home ~ things to do to make your heart stronger so you can live longer!  And don't forget to exercise your upper body, your core (abs) and flexibility stretching. You wouldn't be doing forward rolls and cartwheels in your house would you?????

Exercise can relieve stress and clear your mind!

Take a walk

Run laps around your house (outside of course!)

Hike in the Woods

Take your dog for a walk

Jump Rope


Wiffle Ball

Start limbering up for the baseball and softball season ~ throw with someone in the back yard.

How about tag games? ~ Stuck in the Mud, 

Everybody's It, Freeze Tag

Cosmic Kids Yoga

  • Cosmic Kids app- search “cosmic kids yoga” and download

  • Youtube- search “cosmic kids yoga”

  • Visit to view and select from a variety of short GoNoodle videos

  • GoNoodle app- search “GoNoodle” and download


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