Classroom News

September 30th:  

We accomplished a lot this week! 
First we mastered the order of operations in Math!     

  We have weeded and spade our raised beds in preparation for next spring.  We also realized we needed to make sure that we had compost for next year!  Thus, came the question:  Could we make our own compost?
Next step,  research for composting, as we find the answer to this question:  "How can the food waste help to benefit our school?"  We found through some of our research that composting might be a way to go.  We have come up with these questions to follow up on:  How do you compost?  What can you compost? Where can you use the compost?  How would it benefit our school? 
We have found some answers to some of our questions through our research using the internet, articles, and books.  We have decided the compost would be beneficial to our class raised bed gardens.  So more research is being done about how we can do this starting now and throughout the winter.

Reading:  We are reading our own personal books and writing reflections on our thinking, we are listening to the book Wonder, and illustrating well written descriptive paragraphs, and then we are doing mini lessons on how to back up the main idea of an article with evidence from the text.

Word Study:  We have completed lesson 3.  This also included not only learning our words and patterns of spelling sounds, but their meanings and how they might be used in sentences showing we understand the meaning.  We have been busy working on dictionary skills and context clues.
It has been a pretty busy week for us!!    They should all feel very proud of themselves!!

September 22, 2016

Question:  What do you do with tons of tomatoes and onions that students grow?  

Answer:  You make salsa of course!!

Question: What do you do with the vegetable waste that would be beneficial to society?

Answer:  Compost of course!

Question:  How do we do that?  Well, guess what you are going to have to figure that one out!

What a fantastic day we had with the 6th grade!!

Today we made homemade salsa with our 6th grade classmates.  Without a lot of words we will show you what we did in pictures!

We did some chopping and magically we had some great salsa!!  Such great teamwork!

This week they wrote and illustrated their own personal stories about their summer adventures.  

They are thinking about what we can do to celebrate  when our class successfully fulfills the goal of filling our chip jar.  This will happen soon as many are working together to make this happen.  

We are also great at working together to complete a world puzzle in record time.  We are still working at it.  

This week we will be starting a unit in science.  We will be working along with Mrs. Flannery's class learning about science skills and tools!