2017-2018 Testing Schedule

Spring Exam
  • Session 1 - May 23
  • Session 2 - May 24

These eight- to ten-minute videos found at left contain the types of questions that most commonly appear on the MCAS Math test. 

You can watch these videos anytime, but if you just want a quick refresher, watch the Session 1 videos the night before you take the first session of the test, and the Session 2 videos the night before the session 2 exam. If you have enough time, you could watch all the videos the night before each session.

If you want to practice answering MCAS problems after you watch the videos, you could print MCAS exam(s) from the page on the left and try problems. The solutions to the questions are found at the end of each exam.

Open response questions with scored student examples are found on the Open Response page to the left. You could try each open response question and compare your answers to the provided exemplars.

MyMCAS.com is a website that provides practice for the math MCAS problems.

I wish you the very best on the math MCAS exam.

Mr. Brewer