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August 2018 Note:  This course will be taught differently than it was in 2017-18.  This website will be refreshed as needed to reflect these changes.

Survey of Medical and Allied Health Careers (Grade 12, WPP) 5 credits (Prerequisite: Human Bodyworks)
This course provides an introduction to the medical field. It focuses on careers in medicine and allied health while providing an opportunity for students to utilize resources from their direct community. Guest speakers from health agencies will network with students to encourage strong professional output from the classroom. Topics explored include the history of medicine and health care, laws, and ethics as they pertain to the medical field, and an exploratory semester of various health careers and careers in alternative health practices. Students may participate in field trips to health care facilities. The course is also an orientation to medical language and presents basic principles of medical word building. The study develops competencies in categorizing major suffixes and group prefixes with an emphasis on analysis of meaning, spelling, and pronunciation. The course builds a medical vocabulary applicable to the specialties of medicine, the systems of the body, names of major diseases, and terms used in physical examination, diagnosis, and treatment. Note: This course may be used to meet the Science graduation requirements but is not considered a lab science and may not count as a science by the NCAA.

Ms. Ludovico's Professionalism Expectations  (how to send an email, format a paper, and share a file)

Monthly Current Events Assignment
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Unit 1: Healthcare Careers Exploration
Essential Question: How can one conduct a career exploration that will produce a solid list of skills, abilities, education and certification requirements, local income potential, and work tasks for any healthcare career path or job?

In this unit we will explore the different careers paths and jobs available in the Health Care Industry.  Students will take a few interest, skills, personality and abilities inventory evaluations to help understand which career path may be the best match.  Students will research an assigned Health Care path with a mentor and present their findings to the class.  Guest speakers and field trips will help students select a path as they prepare their post-graduation goals and applications.

Unit 2 - Foundation Knowledge and Skills for the Health Care Professional

Health Careers Today (HCT)

Chapter 1 Health Care of the Past, Present, and Future
1) Identify five different health insurance plans

2) Identify at least five different milestones in the advancement of healthcare

3) Describe at least two factors that have contributed to the rising cost of healthcare

4) Describe at least three types of health care services

5) Understand the rights of the consumer and the responsibilities of the health care worker

Chapter 2: Interpersonal Dynamics and Communication

1) Define at least 10 words relating to the health care worker's characteristics and abilities.
c) Characteristics - 16 personalities - after assessment, click "Careers"

2) Describe the relationship among values, attitudes, and behavior.

3) Describe the hierarchy of needs established by Abraham Maslow.

4) Identify at least five methods of maintaining good personal health and professional appearance.

Robert Sapolky PBS (Class first 2 minutes, suggest class watch the entire video)

S.M.A.R.T. Goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely)

5) Use a problem-solving system to make a decision that involves the identification of alternatives, risks, and evaluation of the outcome.
- Rope handcuff

6) Identify the elements of effective communication and at least three factors that might interfere with it.
- Skills That Pay the Bills activities
- HHS.Gov

7) Describe at least one example of assertive communication that requests a change in behavior.

Chapter 3: Safety Practices
1) Define at least 10 terms relating to safety practices in health care.

2) Describe the methods of Standard and Transmission-Based Isolation Precautions that prevent the spread of microorganisms.

3) Describe three levels of medical asepsis.

4) List at least three principles of surgical asepsis.

5) Describe the guidelines for using good body mechanics.

6) Describe the signs and symptoms of general and localized infection

 Chapter 4: Legal and Ethical Principles

Learning Objectives:
1) Define at least 10 terms relating to legal and ethical principles

2) Describe at least five examples of ethical behavior for the health care worker.

3) Identify at least five situations that show improper ethical or legal behavior.

AAALAC International is a private, nonprofit organization that promotes the humane treatment of animals in science through voluntary accreditation and assessment programs.

Applying for a Physicians LICENSE in the state of Massachusetts. (More involved than earning a medical degree).

Health Careers Today, Chapter 6:  Employability Skills
1) Define at least 10 terms relating to seeking a career in healthcare.
Career Exploration Prompt

2) Describe the purposes of the job application, resume, portfolio, and interview

3) List at least three rules for completing a job application form

4) Complete a job application.

5) Prepare a resume or personal data sheet

6) Identify the components of a personal budget.
Unemployment vs. Average Wage vs. Education Level (2016 U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics)
Post-college Graduate Budget (2017 Khan Academy and Bank of America)

Chapter 8: Wellness, Growth, and Development
1) List the function of the six nutrients

2) Describe the relationship of calories to weight loss and how to accurately count calories

3) Give advice as to what a healthy diet should look like
Incomplete Protein Food Matching Chart

CDC: Health, United States, 2016 (full of statistics for all ages)

Unit 3: Public Health

Essential Question:  What can you do to change the course of public health policy?

Public Health News Wire (a vast collection of news articles)

Turnitin.com - 17743917 - Survey