Bullying Prevention and Intervention

District Bullying and Cyberbullying Statement

The WRSD Leadership is committed to implementing the district’s Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan and in conjunction with community efforts, to promote and ensure a safe and positive teaching and learning environment. District leaders, community leaders, teachers, parents, guardians and student leaders, have a primary role in teaching students to regard one another in a respectful, civil, and dignified manner to create an environment that improves and sustains the behavioral health of all students.These stakeholders will promote understanding and respect for diversity and differences in all venues through modeling respectful behavior and promoting and sustaining a commitment to programs that are focused on supporting social-emotional development at all grade levels. The WRSD will provide age-appropriate anti-bullying educational experiences for all students in the district. As a school district, WRSD will enhance student achievement by creating and maintaining an educational environment where all students feel safe and in the unlikely event that a student feels uncomfortable, he or she will not be reluctant to communicate his/her concerns to teachers, staff, administrators, parents or guardians.

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Cathy Knowles,
Nov 1, 2016, 11:37 AM