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Disability Awareness and Education

Massachusetts Special Education

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Information about disabilities

Disability Definitions (from DESE website)

    Autism Resource Center of Central Mass              
    ARICA  Bill                                                        
    Center for Autism and Related Disorders                  
    Different Roads to Learning                                
    Autism Society of America                                  
    Autism Speaks                                                   
    Pyramid Educational Consultants (PECS)             
    Council for Exceptional Children                           

    Communication Impairment             

    Developmental Delay
                Division for Early Childhood
                Developmental Delay Resources

    Emotional Impairment
                MA Resources for Emotional Impairment     
                Department of Mental Health
                National Eating Disorder Alliance
                National Alliance on Mental Illness
                American Psychological Association

    Health Impairment
    Intellectual Impairment
                National Down Syndrome Society
                Massachusetts Down Syndrome Conference

    Neurological Impairment
                Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts

    Physical Impairment
                Assistive Technology Links

    Sensory Impairment
    Specific Learning Disabilities
                International Dyslexia Association
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