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Science Seminar at Wachusett Regional High School

Science Seminar is currently enjoying its 55th year at WRHS.  The goal of Science Seminar is to expose students interested in science to a wide range of science topics, current research, and opportunities to improve their own research and experimental projects. This organization meets every Tuesday night from 7 PM to 9 PM.  During the first hour, students listen to a speaker. Generally, the speaker is a working scientist sharing his/her research. Speakers are from all areas of science. During the lecture hour of Seminar students learn about current research.  This allows them to gain more knowledge in all scientific fields.  Students are also encouraged to evaluate other scientific and technological evidence and explanations. 

During the second hour, students work with advisors to get advice on their Science Fair projects.  Advisors to Science Seminar are not WRHS faculty, but scientists from the community who volunteer their time and expertise.

Winning students at the WRHS Fair are eligible to attend the Regional Science Fair at WPI.  Those winners go on to the State Science Fair at MIT.  WRHS has had several students represent the state of Massachusetts at the International Fair.

All science curricula at Wachusett include an inquiry approach as set by the learning standards.  Science Seminar builds on this knowledge gained in the classroom.  In designing their independent science project Seminar students make decisions about the range and number of independent variables and how to control other variables in designing experiments. They select and use common and specialized tools to measure the dependent variable and select appropriate methods of recording and interpreting data.  Many students borrow sophisticated equipment from the classroom to carry out their experiment.  They apply measurement and data collection techniques they have learned, as well as analysis and interpretation of data through the use of tables, models, demonstrations and graphs. From this interpretation of their data they must draw conclusions for which there is supporting evidence and understand that any conclusions can be challenged by further evidence.  When they enter the science fair and explain their project to the judges they must select appropriate means for representing, communicating, and defending a scientific and technological argument. 

    Week of September 11th-Exam-please ask your science teacher for specifics.Exams given in rooms D115, D107

   Sept.  18th -7:00 pm Returning students-be prepared to 'pitch' your project idea to 1 or 2 advisors.  Have a defining question, tentative hypothesis, summarized research so far, and general thoughts on methods of getting data.   
All Returning Students to Attend!

     Sept. 25th- New Students and their parents 

     Oct. 2nd Speaker- Chase Smith-MCPHS -The Open Source Malaria                                

      Oct.  9th Speaker- DrDr Patrick Emery- UMass Medical School

     Oct.  16th Speaker-  Dr Mark Turnbull- Clark Univeristy

     Oct. 23rd Speaker - Eben Nash- Wastewater Treatment in MA

      October 30th - Dr Eric Williams-A Worm Model of Muscular Dystrophy 

     Nov. 6th- No Seminar 

     Nov. 13th Speaker- Dr Cara Battersby -Astrophysicist UConn "The Wild West of Star Formation"


     Nov. 20th Speaker-  No Seminar Thanksgiving

      Nov. 27th Speaker- Eleanor Karlsson UMass Med- Darwin's Dogs


Dec. 11th  Advising  

Two Groups!   Holden from 7PM - 7:45PM
                       All other towns 7:45PM-8:30PM

    Dec. 18th  No Seminar 
    Dec. 25th- No Seminar
    Jan. 1st- No Seminar


   Jan. 8th Speaker- Tiernan Kennedy - Current Student at UMass Amherst

   Jan. 15th  - No Seminar (study for midterms!)

   Jan. 22nd  Advising  - 
    Two Groups!    Towns besides Holden from 7PM - 7:45PM
                            Holden from 7:45PM-8:30PM  

   Jan. 29th  Speaker- Riley Fitzgerald - MIT Grad Student "Aerospace Engineering"

   Feb. 5th  Speaker- Students - "Talking with Judges", "Making a Display Board"
   Feb. 12th  Speaker- Final Advising and Practice Presentations

   Feb 19th- No Seminar Vacation

   Feb 26th WRHS Science Fair

    March 8th- Wachusett Regional Science and Engineering Fair, WPI

May 3rd and 4th Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair, MIT

Entering Science Fair??  Form tutorial --click here.

Science Fair FAQ---click here

Meeting Times

  • Every Tuesday evening 7-9 pm
  • Speaker 7-8 pm
  • Advising session 8-9 pm


Rooms H103-H105


(Come in the Gym doors -these two rooms are right next to the Nurse’s office)


Dr. Lou Trostel, Ceramic Engineer, Norton-St. Gobain, retired. ljtjr@att.net

Dr. Harry Strock, Materials Scientist, retired.  hbstrock@mac.com

Dr. Meg Hoey,Pofessor of Biology at Fitchburg State University.  mhoey@fitchburgstate.edu

Dr. Mark Birnbaum.

Professor of Biology, Merrimack College


Dr. Bill Theurkauf, Cell Biologist, UMass Medical School.  william.theurkauf@umassmed.edu

Mr.and Mrs. Whitmore, retired from Shrewsbury High School

Mark Goehl
Engineering Consultant

Melissa Goehl
Engineering Program Manager Bose Corp.

Carol Sullivan, Physics Teacher, Emeritus Dept Head retired from Wachusett