Welcome to the Davis Hill Elementary School's Art Page! 
A little about my art program...     
The success of the Art program that I provide depends to a large degree upon the maintenance of a balanced program of instruction. I believe that Art should not be taught as if it consists entirely of drawing with crayons on white paper. My lessons are always lively, and thoughtfully varied. I always make use of the many available art mediums, and the endless ways to create with them.
My elementary Art program is sequentially based. This allows for children to build upon their skills as they grow and mature. Skills that have been learned and developed in Kindergarten, will become the basis of continuing projects throughout the year--and in the years to follow.
It is my responsibility to plan Art projects to ensure that every child will have a number of positive experiences in Art.
                                     How can YOU help??    
Lots of recyclables can be donated to be used in the Art Room.

Please save, and have your child bring in:

*empty egg carton containers
*empty plastic butter, cottage cheese, yogurt containers    
*empty baby wipes containers
*magazines (for collages)...especially in need of Sports Illustrated, Nickelodeon...anything child friendly
*boxes of tissues. I teach over 500 children a week! I can go through a box of tissues in a week sometimes!       
*sponges (ones with a "scrubby" side work best) to clean our art tables --but I will gladly take anything :)  
*wine corks (I can make stamps with these--for printmaking)
Are you interested in volunteering during your child's art class?     
                                   I LOVE VOLUNTEERS    
Most of the help needed is during the afternoon, when the lower grades  (K--2) have art.
2nd grade: 1:00-1:45
1st grade: 1:50-2:35
Kindergarten: 2:40-3:15
Please email me if you are interested in helping out!