(Pre-Test Semester 1)

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The Science of Health & Wellness 

( Grade 10)

2 ½ credits

This course meets every other day for a full year. Successful completion of this course is a graduation requirement for all students. The students will study a comprehensive variety of topics and skills that will help them face the issues and choices they currently face and will confront as adults.  Topics include: Making Healthy Choices, Basic understanding of the Body and how it works, the Immune system, Cancer Awareness, Tolerance, HIV/AIDS, Nutrition, Stress Management, Psychological Health, Eating Disorders, Self Injury, Addictive Behaviors, Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco Awareness, Violence and Anger Management, Communicable Diseases, Acute and Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases and Conditions, Human Sexuality Issues, Personal Wellness, CPR & First-Aid, Health Care Rights and Responsibilities, and Health in the News.

Wachusett Regional High School

Core Values

·     Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

·     Creativity/Innovation

·     Citizenship/Responsibility

·     Communication

·      Collaboration

Student Learning Expectations

Students will . . .

·   exercise responsible citizenship

·   communicate effectively

·   think critically and solve problems

·   think creatively

·   collaborate and learn actively

·   use technology effectively


                                                                        Health and Wellness

                                    COURSE SYLLABUS/ OVERVIEW/INFORMATION

** Successful Completion of this course is a Requirement for Graduation!!

**This course meets every other day for a full year.  (2.5 credits)

 (*Textbook : Glencoe Health)

**In this course, students will study a comprehensive variety of topics and skills that will help them face the issues and choices they currently face and will confront as adults.

***(The order of the following module units may be adjusted as needed)***

Semester 1:

September-Early October

Intro. & General Body Systems/Functions/Terminology

Chp.17 The Digestive System

Chp.5 Nutrition and The New Government Standards


Late October- December

Chp.24 Communicable Diseases

Chp.18 The Reproductive Systems

Chp.16. Respiratory and Pulmonary System


Early-Mid  January:

Chp.26 CANCER and Non- Communicable Diseases


Semester 2:

Late January- March:

Chp.7 Achieving Good Mental Health/ Managing Emotions

Chp.8 Stress/Anxiety/Teen Depression/Mental Disorders/Eating Disorders

Chp.9 SUICIDE prevention


 April –May:

Chp.22 & 23  Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs & Medications

Chps.10-13 Relationships & Violence Prevention



Chp.16 The Cardiovascular System

Chp.27 Injury Prevention

Chp.28. First-Aid  (Hands-On Only) CPR/AED

Chp.29 Environmental Health

                                       * Helpful On-Line Resources for Assignments*

                                                      NIH: National Institute of Health                                   

                                                      NIMH: National Institute of Mental Health

                                                      WHO: World Health Association

                                                      CDC: Center of Diseases Control

                                                      Choosemyplate.gov   or    Mypyramid.gov

  Partnership Program Homework Policy

The Partnership Program is comprised of a variety of course studies designed to prepare students for the world of work or give them an edge in college.  Although subjects vary, the Partnership Program is united in its philosophy for student homework. The WRHS Partnership Department believes homework should be purposeful and effective and will include:

           *Reinforcement of classroom learning

           *Creation of enrichment projects

            *Preparation for future material

             *Extensions to real life situations

Homework : will be assigned with ample time for completion.  In turn, student homework is expected to:

                             *Be neat

                             *Be on time

  *Meet the WRHS writing standard as necessary

                             *Be original

                             *Be complete

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Health Education Office: Room H202 

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