Body Works: Course Information/Syllabus/Outline

Anne Finkelstein
Room: H204

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Wachusett Regional High School
              Core Values
·   Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

·   Creativity/Innovation

·   Citizenship/Responsibility

·   Communication

·   Collaboration

            21st Century Skills &

     Student Learning Expectations

Students will . . .

·   exercise responsible citizenship

·    communicate effectively

·    think critically and solve problems

·    think creatively

·     collaborate and learn actively

·    use technology effectively

          BodyWorks By Semester:


Sept/Oct : Communicable Diseases & Zoonoses

Nov/Dec: Medicines & Medications

Early Jan: Alternative Medicine/Therapies

Mid-Late Jan.: Respiratory System


Feb/Early May : Cardiovascular/Lymphatic System

Mid May-June: The Brain & Nervous System

if time permits...

Late June: The Integumentary System

Course Name: Human BodyWorks

Grade/Level: Junior/Senior

Course Credits: 5.0

Pre-Requisite: The Science of Health & Wellness

 Text: Glencoe Health: A Guide to Wellness: 5th Edition

 Course Description: This course offers an advanced study of Health Issues, Diseases & illnesses of mankind, Medicine, Medication & Alternative Therapies, and the Diagnosis and Treatment of diseases. They will also explore the relationship between illness and corresponding body systems. They will also study the links between psychological and physical wellness throughout the course, with an emphasis on family and patient concerns. * Note* This course may be used to meet the Science graduation requirement but is not considered a lab science and might not count as a science by the NCAA.

Partnership Program Homework Policy

The Partnership Program is comprised of a variety of course studies designed to prepare students for the world of work or give them an edge in college.  Although subjects vary, the Partnership Program is united in its philosophy for student homework. The WRHS Partnership Department believes homework should be purposeful and effective and will include:

          *Reinforcement of classroom learning

           *Creation of enrichment projects

           *Preparation for future material

           *Extensions to real life situations

Homework:...will be assigned with ample time for completion.  In turn, student homework is expected to:

                 *Be neat

                 *Be on time

  *Meet the WRHS writing standard as necessary

                  *Be original

                 *Be complete