Physical Education 2015-2016

Mrs. Jennifer Burton


Hopefully you will find this webpage useful during this school year. You will be able to reference the syllabus, attendance information, curriculum and more, using the links found on the left.  I will update the calendar with current activities.

This syllabus covers PE 9, PE 10, PAI, Team Games and Lifetime Sports.  Each student is expected to take and pass Physical Education during grades 9, 10, 11 and 12.   The Physical Education Department has it’s own separate attendance policy, which differs from the WRHS attendance policy.  Please review the policy closely to avoid future problems, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

General Guidelines:

 1.     Students must be prepared, dressed and participate in 78% of the classes each semester to obtain a passing grade.   It is recommended that students make up classes that were missed, and they may do so after school at 2:30 or during a study hall.  It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of and make up missed classes; they have 2 weeks after the absence to make up the class.  After that time has expired the right to make up the classes has been lost.  Absences may include (but not limited to):  field trip, guidance visit, nurse, school play, doctor’s appointment, class dismissal, out of school suspension, etc.  Class cuts cannot be made up.  If a student is absent during a long block, it will count as a double period and two classes will then have to be made up.   Approximately 5 unmade up absences per term will result in failure, 10 absences per semester.   There are no excused absences from PE, other than a medical.   There will be no homework, quizzes or test in this class.   Students are graded on their attendance and preparedness and all facets of participation;  if a student is not in class then missed points should be made up.   Students should see me if they would like to make up a class.  I am available after school at 2:20 or before school, by appointment only.

2.     Medical exemptions are the ONLY excused absences from PE.   Absences due to the inability to participate due to illness or injury and verified by a doctor do not have to be made up.  A note from a physician must be given to the Physical Education teacher with the dates he/she is to be excused from class.  If it’s a long term medical (semester long) then the student will be assigned a study hall.  They Phys. Ed. Teacher will contact the guidance counselor and make the proper arrangements.  If the student is on a short term medical (anything other than semester or at the teacher’s discretion) then the student will continue to come to class and observe.   Medical notes must be turned in to the health office within two weeks of the illness or injury, if not then the note is invalid, per the Phys. Ed. Policy and WRHS Education Guide.

 3.     If a student comes unprepared to class then they will not be allowed to participate and will receive zero points for the day.  Unprepared classes may not be made up.   A combination of 5 unmade up absences or unprepareds will result in a failure for the term.  In some cases a student may be allowed to participate without having fully changed, if that is the case then the student will receive half credit for the day.

4.     Food or beverage is not allowed in class (water only) and jewelry and body piercing that may present injury to anyone must be removed. 

5.     Poor language is not allowed and in no way be tolerated.  It is a reflection of one’s character and will be dealt with immediately.

6.     Harassment, bullying  and unacceptable language/gestures of any kind will not be tolerated and will be reported to the administration.  All students are expected to treat each other, themselves and their belongings/environment with respect.

7.     All students are expected to change for class in proper workout attire including sneakers, shorts, t-shirt, sweatpants, sweatshirt, wind pants, and jacket when needed.   Students are expected to arrive to class on time.  Tardiness will be excused by a pass from their previous teacher.  After class students are given time to change back into their school clothes.   All students will wait together in a designated area in the hall until the final bell.  Students who leave early before the final bell will be written up to his/her administrator.

8.     Students are expected to use the restrooms before class starts.  Unless an emergency arises, students will be discouraged from leaving class to go to the bathroom.  Students are not allowed in the locker-room during class, specifically long block.  The doors are to remained locked during each class period. 

9.     Students are expected to participate in a warm up at the beginning of class.  If the student chooses to walk to warm up laps then he/she may not be allowed to participate in the day’s activities.  It is expected that the student’s best effort be put forth.  If the student is experiencing a difficult time due to medical reasons on that day, it is the student’s responsibility to communicate with the teacher.   

10. Mouth guards will be given to each student once during the school year.  They are to be worn during the lacrosse, field hockey and floor hockey units.  The first mouth guard is provided free of charge to the student, if the student does not come to class with the mouth guard one can be purchased for a $1.00 fee.  IOUs will not be given and if the student is without a mouth guard then he/she will receive no points for the day due to being unprepared.  This class cannot be made up.

11. Lockers are available to all students to keep their physical education clothes in.  We ask that students lock up books, clothes, pocketbooks and wallets during class time.  Students should bring their own lock for this purpose.  Securing their personal belongings is the responsibility of the individual.  Team locker rooms are not to be used during Physical Education.

 PE 9  - Freshman year is a big transition for all students (and parents).  Wachusett has many guidelines concerning the Physical Education program and it’s important for students and parents to be aware of them.   The PE 9 program sets high expectations for our freshmen.  Being prepared and present in class only fulfills a student’s minimum standard in Physical Education.  Students must make the effort to become involved and actively participate during class regardless of their skill level or comfort with a particular unit.  Students are graded on the following:  attendance, skill and fitness level, skill and fitness development/improvement, effort put forth during class activity and becoming involved and participating to the best of their ability in all activities.  An “A” student “outworks those around them” and is highly involved in the activity.  Periodic skill and fitness assessments may be administered during the year.  PE 9 classes will begin the 2015 school year with the Fitness Unit.                                                                                                                                                

 PE 9 and PE 10– activities may include:  track and field, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, touch football, speedball, mat ball, volleyball, floor hockey, indoor soccer, team handball, weight room, gymnastics/tumbling, flicker ball, ultimate Frisbee, basketball, softball, fitness, aerobics, use of cardio room involving the TRX system as well as the elliptical machines and bikes, assessments such as the mile run, 12 minute run also known as the Cooper’s Run in addition to the pacer test. These assessments will be administered every long block.   If a student chooses to sit out during the mile run they will not be allowed to participate in the next activity, whatever that may be.  Students will develop greater proficiency in skills in units covered.  Students will demonstrate knowledge of rules and strategies through informed game play.  *Communication, Citizenship/Responsibility.  PE 10 Games classes will begin the 2015 school year with the Football Unit. 

Lifetime Sports – activities may include:  archery, tennis, golf, badminton, table tennis, paddle tennis, mat ball, fitness activities and volleyball.  The students will develop enhanced techniques in the units/activities covered.  The students will work together cooperatively.  The students will demonstrate knowledge of rules and strategies through informed game play.  * Communication, Citizenship/Responsibility

 Team Games – activities may include:  soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, touch football, speedball, mat ball, volleyball, floor hockey, indoor soccer, team handball, flicker ball, softball, basketball, dodge ball and fitness activities.  Students will demonstrate knowledge of rules and advanced strategies throughout informed game play.  Students will play a part in many aspects of organization and game play.  *Communication, Citizenship/ResponsibilityTeam Games classes will begin the 2015 school year with football. 

 Project Adventure (PAI) this class is offered to all sophomores to teach them how to work together as a group on problem solving, trust building and adventure risk taking.  Critical thinking and listening skills will be exercised.  All students are asked to set goals to challenge themselves and assist others in completing these challenges as needed.  The student will experience being belayed from various heights on our indoor and outdoor ropes course.  This is a “Challenge by Choice” course in which students will set goals that will challenge their individual abilities.  No one should say “I can’t” and all must make some attempt at self- improvement.  Every student is expected to work for the individual goal they’ve set to accomplish.  Students are also expected to assist the teacher with equipment used that day.  They are asked to give their best effort at all times.   Students do not need to change for Project Adventure but they do need to come prepared.  Flip-flops, sandals, slide shoes; shoes with no backs, dress shoes and heels are not to be worn in Project Adventure.  Skirts/dresses are also not appropriate clothing for PAI.  Students will be allowed to change into proper clothing before class starts if necessary.  We will also be snowshoeing during the winter months and warm winter attire must be brought to class.  Students will work together cooperatively on group initiatives.  Students will make a reasonable attempt on the climbs in class.  Students will be sensitive to others.  *Critical Thinking/Problem Solving, Creativity/Innovation, Citizenship/Responsibility.  

If you have any questions or concerns during the school year please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you

Jennifer Burton


 Hopefully you will find this webpage useful during this school year. You will be able to reference the syllabus, Attendance information, curriculum and more using the links found on the left.  I will update the calendar with current activities.

                                                                            -Ms. Burton

Wachusett Mission and Expectations:

Core Values and Beliefs
  • Demonstrate a commitment to learning
  • Demonstrate commitment to the well being of self
  • Demonstrate commitment to well being of community
  • Develop self-reliance
Critical Thinking
  • Ability to make inferences
  • Use various types of reasoning: inductive, deductive
  • Analyze connections in complex systems
  • Think independently
  • Effectively express thoughts and ideas using oral, written and non-verbal skills in a variety 
  • of forms and contexts
  • Listening effectively
  • Work collaboratively with others
  • Think divergently
  • Develop new ideas
  • Problem solving
  • Think creatively
Problem Solving
  • Ability to identify and understand a problem
  • Ask questions
  • Research and gather information
  • Analyze and synthesize information