CPA Biology

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My Expectations

You are expected to come to class prepared to learn. This means bringing with you your notebook, writing utensil, previous class work. and a positive attitude =) 


              Wachusett Regional High School Core Values:
  Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
 Creativity and Innovation
    Citezenship and Responsibility

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  My Policy on

Tardiness: 3 tardies will result in an after school detention

Homework.: Homework will be given regularly. I will give you at least 2 nights to complete all homework assignments. Homework will be worth 5 points a piece toward your quarter average. I will NOT accept late homework..

Cheating/Plagiarism: Zero tolerance. Anyone caught cheating will loose all credit for the work and will be reported.

Zero tolerance. This goes without saying, however all students must be respectful of everyone in the classroom at all times. Failure to act in a respectful attitude will result in detention. Further, anyone suspected of Bullying is subject to the school and state policy on Bullying and will be reported.

Nutrition Break:
In science classrooms there is absolutely no food or drink at or near the lab benches. Snacks are allowed during the beginning of third period that are healthy and PEANUT FREE. If I see peanut containing products I will cancel all further snack time for our class.