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Super Spellers now earn 50 bonus coins in Freckle!  Test Friday - make sure your child is ready!   


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In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr....

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Classroom wishlist

If something is in blue, we are all set for now. Items in red - we are in need of.

ziploc sandwich bags and snack-sized bags
paper towels
THIN (extra fine is even better!) expo markers
hand sanitizer
zip-loc freezer bags
plastic spoons


Check your email for a letter about Freckle!  If you have trouble accessing it for any reason, let me know and I'll send you a hard-copy!

Please be sure that on days when your child wears snow boots to school, that they have another pair of shoes to change into.  We sit on the floor a lot - and snowy boots means wet spots on the floor!  Thank you for your cooperation!
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                Here's a challenging math                        game we've played in the                        classroom:

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No drinking from the water bubbler in our classroom (for now) - send in those water bottles (water only, please)!


Please send a water bottle in with your child to keep at his/her desk.  It makes for far fewer interruptions if each child keeps water right at their desk for whenever they need it.