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Go to our Spelling Page to find important info!
We had our first test on 9/21, and had some trouble with words spelled with c, k, or ck.  We'll work on those some more next week.
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Curriculum and other classroom information can be found in the Curriculum Night Presentation link.

Classroom wishlist

If something is in blue, we are all set for now. Items in red - we are in need of.

ziploc sandwich bags and snack-sized bags
paper towels
THIN (extra fine is even better!) expo markers
hand sanitizer
zip-loc freezer bags
plastic spoons


Scholastic Book Club 
Bonus Point Challenge Update

WE DID IT!!!  I AM OVERWHELMED BY THE RESPONSE TO THIS APPEAL!  THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!  My favorite moment was when one boy handed me his envelope with an order inside on the last day and moments later said, "When will I get my books?"  Love it!

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We had 11 friends pass in their first Read & Respond forms right on time!  Let's hope we get even more next Friday!
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No drinking from the water bubbler in our classroom (for now) - send in those water bottles (water only, please)!


Please send a water bottle in with your child to keep at his/her desk.  It makes for far fewer interruptions if each child keeps water right at their desk for whenever they need it.