Welcome to Biology at WRHS!!

This is a full year Biology course designed to introduce you to basic biological principles and to provide laboratory and activity based learning opportunities that reinforce these principles. 

Biology is the study of living things.  Topics covered include:
1. Chemistry of Life
2. Structure and Function of Cells
3. Genetics
4. Human Anatomy and Physiology
5. Evolution and Biodiversity
6. Ecology
7. Science Inquiry Skills

Please visit this site often for important information about our class. 
Mrs. Hahn's email ~ nicole_hahn@wrsd.net

Department Philosophy- The Science department of Wachusett Regional High school strives for excellence in the science education of all its graduates. We recognize the fact that science is a human endeavor designed to achieve an increasingly comprehensive and reliable understanding of the human species and its environment. Scientific literacy is an important key to a functioning, technology-based society.


    The learning objectives of the science department are:

        *To instill and appreciation for the study of science as a human activity worthy of academic pursuit.


        *To provide a basic understanding of how nature works in both living (life science) and non-living (physical science) systems, and to show their interrelatedness.


        *To teach students the procedures and techniques used in scientific methodology (e.g. forming a hypothesis, conducting experiments, collecting and analyzing data to draw logical conclusions, etc.)


        *To challenge and stimulate students to use, refine and communicate their powers of creative thinking, problem recognition, and problem solving in scientific application of both hypothetical and real world situations.


        *To provide a strong foundation to help our graduates achieve some level of confidence and success in their introductory college classes.


The WRHS Science Curriculum is designed to provide all students the opportunity to meet the stated objectives in a logical, sequential comprehensive and varied manner.