Announcements -

June 7, 2013

1) The study guide for the final exam is posted under the "Final Exam Review" icon on the sidebar.  It is suggested that students review the topics and practice the problems provided.  Students may bring questions on specific problems to class for discussion.  The final exam for both B and C classes is set for Thursday, 6/20.

2) The last test of the 4th quarter will be on Tuesday, June 11th and will cover calculating square roots, finding solutions to quadratic equations using factoring and the quadratic formula (sections 10.3, 10.4, 10.5, 10.7)

June 2, 2013
1) Students are reminded to bring their books and calculators to class on Monday, 6/3.  
2) For this week, extra help is available ONLY on Tuesday, 6/4, in the upper school office.
3) Students are responsible for the textbook that was issued to them at the beginning of the school year.  Students will not be able to take the final exam if they have not returned their textbook or paid for a lost book.

May 28, 2013
 1) The CH 9 Study Guide and Ch 9 Study problems may be found under the CH9 icon.  Please make sure to review for test which is scheduled for Friday, 5/31.

 2) Extra help is Tuesday, 5/28.  This is the only date this week to receive extra help.

May 23, 2013


§  Assignment for 5/24 is also on the website.  Be sure to check for specific class period as the assignment is different for each class.

§  EXTRA HELP is TUESDAY, MAY 28th after school for those with questions

§  CH 9 exam is scheduled for FRIDAY, 5/31


May 17, 2013

Please note that due to administrative conflicts, Friday extra help sessions scheduled for 5/24 and 5/31 are CANCELLED.

 EXTRA HELP will be provided on Tuesday, 5/21 and Tuesday, 5/28.

May 9, 2013
We will be flipping in CH 9.  Students are expected to take notes on videos found under Chapter 9 icon (not the online text icon) and be prepared to work on problems once in class.  

May 6, 2013
3 things must be completed:

1) Study for Ch 8 test which, due to calendar,  will be given as follows:
 B block on Tuesday, 5/7
 C block on Wednesday, 5/8
You must bring your own calculator as I will not have any to distribute.

2) For Thursday, make sure that all of your CH 8 materials have been removed from your binder and placed in your final exam folder at home.  Suggest that you keep all handouts, tests/quizzes from CH8 and any other notes/hw you may find useful when studying for final exam.
Your binder should be EMPTY except for lined paper when we start CH9.

3) For Thursday, read and review examples from CH 9 section 1.  Be able to explain the difference between the degree of a polynomial and number of terms in a polynomial.

May 2, 2013
The Chapter 8 test will be given to B block class on Tuesday, 5/7, and to C block class on Wednesday, 5/8.  There is a study guide available under the CH8 icon.  Students should print it / copy it and complete the problems over the weekend.  Bring any questions to class on Monday, 5/6.

Extra Help is available on Friday, 5/3, in the upper school office.  Unfortunately, due to other commitments, this will be the only extra help session offered before the CH 8 test.

April 22
1) Binders should be organized for notebook check -- chronological order divided into 3 categories:  (a) notes/handouts by chapter section,  (b) homework by chapter section , and (c) tests/quizzes/projects.  Only Ch 8 materials should be in binder -- all other materials for semester 2 (CH 6 & 7) should be in folder, kept at home, for final exam review.   

2) Students should review and/or print out reference sheet for Lines of Best Fit (under CH8 icon) as this will be used in class on Thursday and Friday.

April 8
On Tuesday, we will begin CH 8 -- specifically, exploring the properties of exponents (multiplication, division and negative & 0 exponents).  The properties are available on CH 8 icon.  Suggest students print the Properties sheet and place in the notes section of their math binder.  They will be refering to the sheet regularly during this chapter.

March 28
We are graphing systems of inequalities which can get pretty messy.  I am asking students to please bring extra colored pencils to class and rulers if you have them.  Thanks.
March 26 --
Please check calendar for homework.  Contrary to what students were told by other teachers -- today was a NON TESTING DAY only.  That means that  Homework IS ASSIGNED.  

Reminder, room changes Friday, 3/22, C block (1st) will meet in H105.  Monday, 3/25, B (1st) and C (2nd) meet in H105.
ALL students should be reviewing for the upcoming exam on Ch 7.1 -7.4 which is scheduled for Monday, 3/25, in H105.  Please complete study guide, and practice additional problems of your choice from the text 7.1 - 7.3, chapter 7 review or chapter 7 test which are located at the end of the chapter.  In addition, there are textbook video tutorials and quizzes located on the online materials.
Study guide is also under CH7 icon.  Students must be able to solve a system of equations using 3 methods and be able to set up and solve word problems.

March 12, 2013
We will continue with Solving Systems of Equations (CH7) by graphing, substitution, and elimination methods.  Please note that, for further reference,  detailed solutions to homework sheets on Substitution and Elimination will be posted under CH7 icon after homework is reviewed and graded in class.

March 4, 2013
We have started Chapter 7 Systems of Equations and Inequalities. This unit requires students to utilize skill already studied and learned during 1st semester. Students will be using their graphing skills to graph equations of lines.  Students will be using algebra skills ( substitution, distribution) and basic 
math skills to solve systems using the substitution and elimination methods. If students had difficulty in these areas, they may need to spend additional time honing the skills.
 Students should have their calculators in class.  Homework is expected to be completed as modeled in class.

February 25, 2013
A reminder to students and parents ~
It is the student's responsibility to seek extra help, as needed, throughout the school year.  Extra help sessions are provided Fridays after school in the upper school office, B200.

Please note, students are expected to bring questions from homework, class examples (from notes), previous quizzes and tests to discuss and review.  This time is used to revisit and review problems that students have worked on and still find confusing or difficult. Extra help IS NOT a one-on-one tutoring session, nor is it a make-up for a missed class.  

February 15 - 25, 2013
Take home test is due at the beginning of the class period 2/25 for B block and 2/26 for C block.  Failure to submit = grade of 0.  No exceptions.  See assignment calendar for details.

February 12 & 13, 2013
In preparation for our next class on either Wednesday, 2/13, or  Thursday, 2/14 --
Students are expected to watch & take notes on Mr. Brewer's videos (sub page (1) ) #1 & #2, located in Ch 6.6,  Scatter Plots, in his video section.  In addition, print PDF, "Read - Making Graphs and Finding Lines of Best Fit." which is also found in Mr. Brewer's video notes section, 6.6.  All notes and printed materials should be dated and in the notes section of the binder for Thursday, 2/14.

February 11, 2013
Study guide for CH 6.1 - 65. test is available under CH 6 icon.  Recommend students practice a variety of problems as suggested on study guide and HW calendar.  Extra help Monday after school for those interested.

February 1, 2013
See Homework calendar.  For Monday be able to explain how to calculate the slope of a parallel line and a perpendicular line.  What is the slope relationship for parallel lines?  What is the slope relationship for perpendicular lines?

January 30, 2013

1) Calculators will be allowed during 2nd semester.  Please make sure that  you have a scientific or graphing calculator available as one WILL NOT BE PROVIDED.

2) Check binder and make sure you have all handouts completed and in order fro CH6.  All handouts are posted on the website under CH6 icon.  Your binder should consist only of CH 6 materials.

3) Review for quiz on 3 forms of a line:  Standard, Slope-intercept, and Point-Slope.  Be sure you can graph lines, calculate slope and find x- and y-intercepts.  

4) If you would like to review your midterm exam results, please stop by during extra help hours -- Fridays after school in my office or by appointment.

January 16, 2013
Study guide and information regarding the Algebra CPA exam is available -- see side bar.

B block exam is Thursday, 1/24,  from 9:55 - 11:55 am
C block exam is Friday, 1/25, from 7:35 - 9:45 am

January 2, 2013
The study guide for the Algebra 1 Mid Term exam is available -- see side bar.  Please review carefully the reminders, suggestions, and topics covered.   Students are responsible for locating practice problems as suggested in the guide -- the chapter reviews and tests, section problems, online quizzes and practice problems.

December 19, 2012
Bonus Assignment -- see calendar for assignment.  Please note --DUE DATE EXTENDED TO FRIDAY, 12/21.

December 17, 2012
Any student who missed class, B or C block, will need to make up the exam on Ch5.  Make-up will take place either during class or after school in my office on Tuesday, 12/18.  

December 11, 2012
Students are reminded that due to scheduled meetings the only day for extra help this week is Friday 12/14.
The CH 5 test covering section 1- 4 and 6 is scheduled for Monday, 12/17/2012