Hopefully you will find this webpage useful during this school year. You will be able to reference the syllabus, Attendanceinformation, curriculum and more using the links found on the left.  I will update the calendar with current activities.
                                                                            -Mr. Jackson

Wachusett Mission and Expectations:

Core Values and Beliefs
  • Demonstrate a commitment to learning
  • Demonstrate commitment to the well being of self
  • Demonstrate commitment to well being of community
  • Develop self-reliance
Critical Thinking
  • Ability to make inferences
  • Use various types of reasoning: inductive, deductive
  • Analyze connections in complex systems
  • Think independently
  • Effectively express thoughts and ideas using oral, written and non-verbal skills in a variety 
  • of forms and contexts
  • Listening effectively
  • Work collaboratively with others
  • Think divergently
  • Develop new ideas
  • Problem solving
  • Think creatively
Problem Solving
  • Ability to identify and understand a problem
  • Ask questions
  • Research and gather information
  • Analyze and synthesize information