White Room

Welcome to the White Room!  I am excited to meet some new students as well as become reaquainted with some familiar students.  My name is Pamela Bakerlis.  I am responsible for the role of lead teacher in the white room.  We are fortunate to have two experienced classroom aides and 1:1 aides to assist with student learning.  

During the beginning of the school year we will focus on getting to know each other, developing a sense of community, social skills, name recognition, counting, numbers, and letters.  We will also practice using classroom materials, learning classroom rules and expectations, and following directions. There will be more specific skill information coming in the near future.  Skill expectations are based on each individual child’s skill and developmental levels.

I will be sending a folder home with each student.  This folder is intended for class work and parent-teacher correspondence.  Please check this folder daily.  Parent- teacher correspondence may also take place by email, phone, or conference.

Feel free to check our class schedule and fill out our “Get to Know Your Child” form on our website:  www.wrsd.net

I look forward to seeing you!


Pamela Bakerlis, M.Ed.

Email: Pamela_Bakerlis@wrsd.net

Phone: (508) 829-4766