Welcome to Dr. Sparks Chemistry 

Hopefully you will find this webpage useful during this school year. You will be able to reference the syllabus, safety information, notes, worksheets and more using the links found on the left. I will place announcements and update the calender with important events. 
                                                                            -Dr. Sparks 

My Expectations:

For all students to acquire a basic knowledge of chemistry and understand how it applies to everyday life, to develop a general appreciation of science and chemistry, and to develop logical reasoning skills. I hope to achieve this through active learning. I encourage active participation during class and welcome any questions that arise. Notes are important but we will also engage in hands-on activities, projects, and web-based learning throughout the year. Chemistry is learned by doing. 

WRHS Mission Statement:

The mission of the Wachusett Regional High School is commitment to an educational process that fosters independence and responsibility in our students. By offering diverse, challenging, academic programs and rich co-curricular activities, WRHS strives to provide students with the skills and knowledge to achieve their potential as life-long learners.

CPA Chemistry G block